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Some Arbitrary 2014 Goals


I don’t really do resolutions, I think I mentioned that in a post last week.  Sure, I want to eat better, run faster, and bring about world peace, but I’m not going to “resolve” to do any of those things.  If I want them bad enough, I’ll do them.   It might be May 22nd when I finally decide that I want to eat better more than I want to eat tortilla chips for breakfast (like I did this morning).

With that being said, I do have some things I’d like to accomplish this year.  We’ll go ahead and call them goals.

  • Triathlon – stand on the top spot of the age group podium (sprint tri).  At my first triathlon back in August, I somehow managed to get third in my age group.  Surprised the sh*t out of myself with that performance.  Overall, I was 133/262 for the swim, 12/262 for the bike, and 8/262 for the run – clearly making swimming my worst sport!  There is enough room for improvement in my swim that I could move myself up to first in my age group without improving on the run or the bike.   Of course, it’ll take a lot of work to get my swim up to that shape, but I think it’s manageable if I make it a priority.  I plan on signing up for the same race this August.  Of course, I have no control over who else shows up on race day, so I won’t go home crying if I have a stellar day and still get my ass handed to me.  I might be sad, but I won’t cry.  Hopefully.
  • Running – run a sub-18 minute 5k.  Technically, I’ve already got one of these under my belt.  17:42, I think.  But I’m also pretty sure that the course was short (I wasn’t the only one who thought that).  Considering I’ve never actually done training specific to a 5k, I think I can make this happen this year.
  • Running – run a sub-5 minute mile.  I’ve only run a timed mile once, and ended up around 5:20.  Twenty seconds is a lot to shave off of a mile, but since I’ve never really done any short-course speedwork (see the above 5k goal), I’m curious to see if I can make this one happen.  There’s a local running group that hosts monthly “races.”  You just show up, pay $2, and you get a chip-timed mile and/or 5k (the 5k starts pretty much as soon as the last person finishes the mile).  So, I’ve got plenty of opportunities to shoot for this goal, after I put in the training.
  • Swimming – get better!  Swimming is still so new to me that it’s difficult for me to put together a truly quantifiable goal.  However, the other day I was running my usual route along the lake, and I stopped to stare at this island off shore.  I got to thinking that I would like to swim around that island.  It’s not so much the distance of the swim (I mapped it out to be about 2.5km or 1.5miles), but that swimming around the island would represent an overcoming of my fear of water.  I might expound on that at a later date, but for now I’ll add it to the list of goals.  It may not happen this year for logistical reasons (I don’t think I could safely swim it alone without someone in a kayak, given the potential boat traffic in this area).  But I’ll go ahead and put it out there as a goal anyway.
  • Cycling – ride under 21 minutes for a 15k time trial.  Every year my company participates in a ‘Corporate Challenge’, which is basically an olympic-style set of events pitting local companies against each other.  They have a 15k cycling time trial as one of the events.  Well, it’s actually a team trial, so you can easily draft off of each other for the race.  Regardless of the team time, I’d like to finish under 21 minutes.  I’ve ridden the course a few times, and it’s definitely shorter than 15k.  In the end, I’d need to average between 25 and 26 miles per hour (or about 43 km/hr) to make that happen.  At least it’s a short race!

So that’s it.  My 2014 sporting goals.  This year will likely be full of change in my personal life, as there’s a good chance that we’ll get matched for adoption in 2014.  It will be a huge adjustment to having one (or two or three) older kids suddenly in our house, and I have no idea what kind of toll that will take on my training.  All I know is that life will not be the same, and I’m ok with that.



  1. Laura says:

    Great set of goals and fingers crossed that adoption works out for you! Looking forward to following along!

  2. I still need to write my goals post. I’ll be shooting for a sub 18 5K as well. Hopefully we both see a 17 this year!

  3. Great goals! How neat about the local running group- you can’t go wrong paying $2 for a race!
    I have a feeling 2014 will be a huge year for you guys- I’m excited to see what it brings!
    By the way, I ate ice cream cake for breakfast today 🙂

  4. Awesome! I think those all sound great and totally reasonable. You will get faster swimming just by practicing a little more. I know you don’t like to but it will get easier!! 🙂 I love the idea of the $2 races and the 15k TT challenge. Lots of opportunities to makes these goals happen!

  5. runsaltrun says:

    You’re fast. And I love your goals and I’m sure you will probably crush all of them. I could never participate in a tri because I would probably drown. I’m excited to read what this year has in store for you guys!

    • Yeah, the first time I swam open water (in a race, of course, because that’s the best time to try new things), I thought I was going to drown. Wasn’t a pleasant experience. Hopefully this year I can keep it together a little better, and avoid doing the backstroke just to stay afloat without panicking.

  6. says:

    Just commit to swim at least 4 times a week for 20-25 minutes at first…watch how fast you improve. Gradually increase your swimming time as you improve and by the time you make an hr you’ll be doing an Ironman Swim! Get the book I wrote about this week….keeps things simple and easy if you aren’t swimming with masters group!! Can’t wait to watch!!

    • I’ve heard that it takes an absolute minimum of three swim sessions per week to really see any improvement. I’d like to get in four+.

      I have that triathlon swimming book. The water blogged triathlete blog is a great resource!

  7. Brittany says:

    Very cool goals! I love the swimming one!

  8. Gah some speedy run goals in there! Get ’em!!

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