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One Thing Wednesday: Wrong Shoes


When I bike commute to work, I normally drop my bike off at my desk, switch my cycling cleats for normal shoes, and then head to the locker room to shower (cycling cleats really suck to walk in). I have a weird work schedule today, and I locked my bike up outside by the locker rooms, and went to my desk after showering. The only shoes I had in my locker to put on to walk to my desk were my running shoes.

Unfortunately, I forgot to change out of them before heading to the airport to catch a flight. At least this is a pretty low-level meeting today! (I also wish I had remembered gloves – it’s going to be 15f/-10C in Birmingham Alabama when I land, and I need to spend some time walking around the airport ramp)




  1. Running Girl says:

    My running shoes are my work shoes. Except for court. That wouldn’t fly. Enjoy the comfy ride today!

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve forgotten so many strange things over the years – but never the right shoes! It must be a shoe addict thing… šŸ™‚

  3. Ha- that’s awesome! Hope people in your meeting are runners!

  4. tlsylvan says:

    How long are you in the ‘Ham for??

  5. I’ve had a few pairs of the same running shoes in a row. One time I took one of the shoes from the old pair with one from the new pair…Needless to say there was a little bit of a difference. And it was a 16 miler, not just a little jog around the block. #runningproblems

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