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Starting Over


There’s only six weeks left until the Rocky Raccoon 100, and I’ve run a total of eight (8) miles in the last two weeks.  Between the ice storm that hit Dallas, a quick vacation with my wife, and (currently) being sick, I just haven’t gotten outside to run.  I’m off from work until just after the New Year, and I had been planning on getting in some crazy long runs during this time.  But before I can do any long runs, I need to rest (more) and get rid of this bronchitis (self-diagnosed, but I’ve had it enough times in the past to know what it feels like).

I’m feeling quite discouraged about my prospects for the race.  I had a couple of good weeks of training (40+ miles per week, which is high for me), and then everything tanked.   Hopefully I can get myself back together and log some serious (injury-free) miles over the next couple of weeks.   On the bright side though, I’m still well above my weekly average miles compared to the first time I ran a 100-miler.

Rocky Raccoon Week Miles 2

My wife and I wanted to get in one last vacation before the kids come.  We’re now officially verified, and so we could be matched at any time.  Or a year from now.  Who knows.  It’s just a waiting game from here on out.  So where did we go?  Only the most logical place to go without kids – Disneyworld.

I am generally pretty conscious about where I spend my money.  There are plenty of stores that I will not set foot in (GAP, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, …), but Disney is one place that I have purposefully chosen to be ignorant of.  I know if I researched their business practices, I wouldn’t ever spend a dime there again.  Blissful ignorance.  Anyways, enough of that.

To many people, Disney seems like an odd choice for a vegan couple to go on vacation.  Let me tell you though, Disneyworld has some amazing vegan food.  You have to look for it, but we’ve had some of our best meals ever there. They are hyper-vigilent with food allergies, and this creates a great dining experience for vegans.  The menus are generally pretty limited, but at sit-down restaurants the server will almost always send the chef to your table.  The chef, in turn, will either modify something for you or create an off-menu meal that fits your dietary needs.  At the more “fast food” locations, they are also willing to work with you to get you something that you can eat.  With those places, you just say you have a food allergy (I’m legitimately lactose intolerant), and they will have the manager come talk to you about your options.  The food is always one of the things that we most look forward to about Disney.  Plus, if you book at the right time of year, they include their Dining Plan for free, which means we didn’t pay a dime (beyond tips for servers) for any of our food at the parks/resort.  Oh, and they have Tofutti ice cream at some locations throughout the parks/resorts.  Vegan heaven.

Enjoying some flat bread with different dipping sauces

Enjoying some pappadum (flat bread) with different dipping sauces

An entirely vegan menu, at Sanaa.  A rare treat!

An entirely vegan menu, at Sanaa. A rare treat!

One of the fast food locations, with vegan beef right on the menu!

One of the fast food locations, with vegan beef right on the menu!
It was pretty good (especially for a quick meal)

Breakfast at Ohana's.  We've eaten there before (breakfast and dinner), and this is our favourite restaurant there.

Breakfast at Ohana’s. Always our favourite place to eat.
Vegan waffles with pure maple syrup, fresh fruit, and a breakfast stir-fry with tofu.



  1. Laura says:

    I actually love Disneyworld – glad there were so many vegan options! My training is going to be lower this week – I’m accepting it and kind of enjoying it!

  2. Hope you get better soon! That’s nice you have time off to recuperate and pick up the running again.
    That’s exciting you guys can be matched at any time!
    And awesome about your trip to Disneyworld! That’s amazing they have so many vegan options!

  3. piratebobcat says:

    Very cool! I really enjoy Disney too. They are sticklers for detail! I also refuse to go to WalMarts, etc., but the little that I know about Disney, they do do some good stuff.
    Disney is pretty fun with kids to, btw.
    Good luck training!

  4. I am so impressed with anyone who can run 100 miles! (Here I am afraid of 26 miles. Hah!) I hope you feel better soon so you can kill this thing in 6 weeks!

  5. triplantpower says:

    Isn’t it funny how after you finish one race like a 100-miler, the next one doesn’t seem quite as daunting. I bet anyone in your situation with their first 100 would be pulling out but it sounds like you just accept it’s going to suck a little bit. Mindset of a true endurance athlete!

  6. Rocky Raccoon is a really cool race in a cool park. You’ll enjoy it regardless. That isn’t to say I’ve done the 100 mile option. I did the 15 mile option before my first ever full marathon, and loved every minute of the woods!

  7. Awesome! I love the vegan food at Disneyworld, too! Good luck with your training going forward–I’m sure it’ll be great. 🙂

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