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RR100 Training: Week 5 of 12


My quest to spend 12 weeks training for the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile ultramarathon continues.

The bad news:
I feel like I barely ran at all last week.

The good news:
Despite my lack of running, I still came in with slightly more miles than what I averaged the 16 weeks leading up to my first 100 mile ultra (I’m still not sure how I finished that race on 22 miles per week of training).

The other bad news:
This week isn’t looking like it’s going to be a stellar training week either.

The other good news:
I think I miscounted the number of weeks until the race.  So I’ll get a bonus week of training.

The “Icepocalypse” that hit the Dallas area Thursday evening put a pretty big dent in my training plans.   The city basically shut down because of the ice.  We still went out every day this weekend, but I’m probably more comfortable driving on winter roads than the average Texan. After all, I did learn to drive in the arctic tundra.  Or close to it.  Sort of.  (Abby, please don’t mention how far south of the arctic tundra my hometown really is)

I put screws in my shoes to go for a run with Green Bean (our lab) on Friday, because he needed to get some energy out.  I thought about still trying to go for a long run on Sunday, but I ended up taking a nap instead.  I think I needed the nap more than I needed to run.  Because of scheduling, the chances of me getting in a long run this coming week are essentially zero, so I’ll have some ground to make up over the Christmas holiday.

Lunch run – 4.0 miles (7:56/mile)
Bike commute – 10 miles

Lunch run – 4.0 miles (7:51/mile)

Lunch run – 7.0 miles (7:31/mile)
Bike commute – 10 miles

Lunch run – 5.0 miles (7:13/mile)

Run with GB (dog) on ice – 3.75 miles (8:51/mile)



Run: 23.75 miles
Bike: 20 miles



  1. Laura says:

    I really think you’re going to find that your time on the bike is contributing too! Hooray for an extra week!

  2. That’s awesome news about the extra week! Hopefully you have more time around Christmas to get in some distance. Then again, going into it with lower mileage should make for happy joints!
    Ha ha- I was totally thinking that about being far from the arctic tundra when I read your comment to me! Although I’m sure you used to know what driving on winter roads was like, I think you’ve gone weak living in the south!

    • I’ve definitely gotten weak living down here. It’s -7C outside right now, which is brutally cold for this part of the country. I’m trying to get up the motivation to bundle up and take the dogs for a walk. That motivation isn’t coming very quickly though!

  3. piratebobcat says:

    Hopefully it will warm up some and the ice will go bye bye soon. My blood has also thinned since moving down here from Ohio. Cold doesn’t agree with me anymore.

  4. tlsylvan says:

    That extra week will help a lot mentally. Physically, I think you’ve got this! The most important thing is not to push yourself too hard, right? 🙂

  5. Running Girl says:

    So you are calling all of us southerners soft? Hmmm????

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