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Running on Ice


In an effort to preserve my sanity later in the day, I took our craziest dog (Green Bean) out for a run this morning to get some of his energy out. Living in Texas, it’s not everyday that I have to put sheet metal screws in the bottom of my shoes before I go out for a run, but given the ice storm that we just received, I needed all the traction help that I could get.

On the plus side of the run, I saw some high school kids trying to get their tongues stuck to a metal sign post.

Here’s to hoping that this storm doesn’t screw up my plans for a long run on Sunday! My weekly mileage thus far isn’t looking so hot.

gbDon’t let the picture fool you – there isn’t a single snowflake on the ground. It’s all ice pellets on top of a sheet of ice. Between the freezing rain and ice pellets, we’ve received somewhere between 1/2″ and 1″ worth of ice in the pat 20 hours or so.



  1. Crazy you got an ice storm! How did Green Bean like it?
    Hope it thaws for your long run!

    • The dogs seem to get excited every time they go outside and there’s white stuff on the ground. I was looking up Edmonton’s temperature the other day, wanted to see how it was comparing to Lethbridge’s temps…needless to say, I’m trying hard to not complain about our -4C.

  2. You got it worse than we did! My car had a sheet of ice on it this morning, but it didn’t coat the ground like it did where you are. It took awhile for us to leave this morning – the ice was thick enough I had to let the car heat up before I could use my scraper! I haven’t had to scrape ice since Alaska!!!

    • I didn’t realize that the ice went down south as far as you guys, but I haven’t really been paying much attention to the news or weather forecasts. When I was out running this morning, there were a lot of people letting their cars run to melt the ice. I felt sorry for people who didn’t have a garage for their vehicle. I saw one guy scraping his car with a metal spatula. I guess when you don’t need a scraper every winter, you just use what you’ve got around the house!

  3. piratebobcat says:

    Spikes eh? That’s a good idea. Maybe I need to bust out my high school track spikes tomorrow!
    I’m still holding on hope for a long run on Sunday. There is a grassroots effort to start a multi lap run around white rock lake for all those who registered for the marathon.

  4. Laura says:

    That ice is epic – I’m more afraid to run outside because of the ice than the snow. I don’t want to slip and break my leg!

  5. Brittany says:

    Brrr! Now I understand why the Dallas marathon was cancelled!

  6. In Texas?!? That is not a state that I think of when I think ice storms..snowing…cold weather!! Hope you survived! 🙂

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