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Signed Up For My Next Tri


Earlier this week, I forwarded my wife an email from one of the local triathlon shops that was having a deal on a spring Sprint tri. Even though my birthday is still two months out, I figured I would send it to her as an idea for a birthday gift. The deal they were offering was that if you sign up for the race in store that day, they’d give you a gift certificate to the store for the same value as you paid to register.

It sounded like a great deal to me.  And evidently my wife thought so too, because she went and signed me up.  How do I know that already, when it was supposed to be a birthday gift?  They set the gift certificate to expire December 31st.  Not knowing what I’d need or want from a tri store (umm, everything!), she decided to just give me the gift certificate now.

I went and did some shopping at the tri store on Friday, since they were having some Black Friday sales.  I successfully avoided walking down the bike aisle (that’s not a safe place for me to be when I have a credit card in my pocket).  In the end, I walked out with:
-new swimming goggles
-an insulated cycling water bottle
-toe covers for my cycling shoes
-a bottle of “Tri Slide” (the race I’m signed up for will be wetsuit legal)
-a couple of single-use butt creams
-24 gels (they were buy 1 get 3 free – in hindsight I should have gotten more!)

I figure that’s not too shabby, considering it was free.  Or I could always think of buying all that stuff for $85, and getting a race entry for free.  Either way, I’m not complaining!

So, once I’m done with the Rocky Raccoon 100, I better start teaching myself how to swim (again?) – I’ve got until April.

Happy Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday!



  1. piratebobcat says:

    I took advantage of a local running store sales too. Walked out with 120 bucks worth of shoes and such for 50 bones! I’ll have to use that idea of emailing suggestions for gifts that I want. Haha!

  2. Indi says:

    I’ve been swimming lately. Having a ton of fun getting back to it…thinking of a indoor tri at some point in the spring. Hope RR100 training is going well!

  3. Great deal on the tri/gear! What kind of gels are those?

  4. says:

    Hey yea’….what do you think about these gels? Never seen them before? You might should do a little review, they look very interesting.

    • I’ll think about doing a review of them at some point. However, I’m not much of a gel connoisseur – in the past two years I’ve probably downed less than 5 gels, opting instead for licorice, swedish fish, dried mangos, and maple syrup (in a flask – which is kind of like a gel, I guess).

  5. Woohoo! Good luck on your next tri! Do you have any recommendations for swimming goggles? Mine leave marks around my eyes for hours. I need to find a good tri shop asap!

    • I don’t have any goggle recommendations – this is only my second pair of goggles, the first being some $7 pool goggles. I was impressed by the tri shop I went to though. I asked the guy where the goggles were, and he walked me over to them and proceeded to take a bunch of them out the packaging and hand them to me to see which felt most comfortable. I was shocked at how much of a difference in comfort I noticed from one pair to another. I’d highly recommend going somewhere that will let you try different ones on (I didn’t put the elastic band around my head on any of them, just pressed the lenses up to my face as that’s all it took for me to know if they were comfortable or not).

  6. triplantpower says:

    After that 100-miler, a Sprint tri won’t be any issue! I always love doing sprints because there’s not even time to question your sanity, by the time you start you can already see the finish line!

  7. alycouch says:

    I like the insulated water bottle! Awesome idea for those hot rides.

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