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RR100 Training: Week 3 of 12


My quest to spend 12 weeks training for the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile ultramarathon continues.

This was a better week of training, compared to last week.  I still haven’t gotten any true long runs in, but I’m pleased with my weekly running mileage (59 miles this week).

This week’s training in numbers:

  • Number of times I runmuted to or from work: 4
  • Number of shortcuts taken while runmuting: 1
  • Height of fence that I needed to scale because of said shortcut: 6 feet
  • Number of people who yelled at me for climbing fence: 1
  • Number of times that I was cited for urinating in public: 0
  • Number of times that I could have been cited for urinating in public: >4
  • Number of times that I tripped and fell while running in the dark: 1
  • Number of times that I recovered from falling with an awesome parkour-style roll: 0

Lunch run – 4.0 miles (7:05/mile)
Bike commute – 20 miles

Runmute to work – 9.5 miles (7:54/mile)
Bike commute 10 miles

Lunch run – 4.0 miles (7:24/mile)

Runmute to work – 9.6 miles (8:34/mile)
Runmute home – 9.5 miles (8:25/mile)

Runmute to work – 9.67 miles (8:18/mile)
Lunch Run – 4.0 miles (8:15/mile)


Run – 8.75 miles (8:22/mile)

Run: 59.02 miles
Bike: 30 miles


Sunday’s run in the cold

I had originally hoped to get in 12 miles yesterday, but my quads were still sore and my hamstrings felt a little tight, so I decided not to push it too much and cut back on some of the miles (ended with 8.75). I’m thinking that the tight hamstrings had more to do with the colder temperatures than anything else. Not my favourite run ever, but it was nice having the path almost to myself. Something about “cold” weather in Texas makes everyone stay inside.


Running to work. I opted to carry a few things in a small bag in my hand, rather than loading up a backpack.

Thursday evening I ran home from work, sweating in shorts and a t-shirt. Less than 12 hours later, I was running back to work bundled up like this:



  1. Eileen says:

    I wonder if you tripped in the dark to repay your karma debt from all that public urination 🙂

  2. runsaltrun says:

    Oh hey we have something in common. That’s the same number of times that I recovered from falling with a parkour-style roll this week.

    That is some fine mileage!

  3. Woohoo- looks like you’re on your way! Crazy that your temps changed that much that quickly!

    • I’ve always been a low-mileage runner, so this is definitely a change for me. Don’t think I’ve ever run three weeks in a row with mileage over 40 mpw (or, maybe I should switch back to metric – 64km/week sounds better than 40 miles/week).

  4. sushismith says:

    I think I have the same Nathan running bottle! Although I haven’t done a good job of carrying it with me lately because my hands get too cold! Any tips for running while carrying things in your hands? I always seem to get shoulder cramps!

    • I’m getting more used to the handheld bottle, but I used to have to switch what hand I was holding it in on a frequent basis. It’s taken me awhile to build up to the point that I can keep it in my right hand without switching for runs up to about 10 miles now. However, I still need to drop my arm to my side and shake it out regularly during the run.

      As for the cold, I don’t have any advice there! I have a different handheld bottle that came with what essentially amounts to a beer coozie. It makes a huge difference in the comfort level if I’m putting cold liquids in the bottle (versus just tap water). I wonder if these Nathan bottles would work with a beer coozie on them, with the bottom cut out?

      • sushismith says:

        I guess it’s just something I have to build up to, at least I’ll reap the benefits of an arm workout too! Let me know if you try the beer coozie idea, as for now as long as I don’t go farther than 8 miles I can stand not to drink anything (that’s probably not good as I can see all the water I breathe out now that it’s cold). Good luck in your training!

        • I’m sure your fine on 8 miles with no water. I hardly drink anything during 10 mile runs now that it’s not 100 degrees outside, but I still carry the bottle with me 1) just in case I get thirsty, and 2) since I’ll probably use my handheld bottle during the Rocky Raccoon 100, I figure I should get used to it again! I’ll let you know if the beer coozie works, after I find a coozie. Not sure we have any laying around the house (on the rare occasions that I drink alcohol, it’s for the effect and not the taste, so I generally just skip over beer and go straight for the liquor).

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