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One Thing Wednesday: Broken Nipple


So, as I was riding home, this happened:
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe spoke itself is fine, but the nipple broke into two pieces. It broke while I was turning a corner (made a distinct sound when it popped). I’ve got a little less than 3000 miles on this wheelset, which seems a little premature for me to start having issues like this. Hope it’s not a sign of things to come!



  1. I must ask, do you have a gym at your office? You must right? I have often contemplated running to and from my office as my house is approx 3.5-4 miles (route dependent), but….I am always confused as to how you get your clothes to and from. I know Londoners run with ruck sacks, but finding one that doesn’t bounce around too much (and chafe the shit out of you) seems difficult, not to mention the extra weight/material in our crazy hot summers….doesn’t quite seem practical. But biking…that is awesome! Cheers to you.

    • No gym, but we do have a locker room with showers. Not sure I’d be able to do it without having access to the showers – even if I wiped myself down so that I didn’t stink, I still just wouldn’t feel clean.

      In the past, if I was running to work, I’d wear my backpack. It wasn’t ideal, but I made it work. I have to cinch the straps super tight so that it doesn’t bounce, and while it doesn’t chafe, it does leave my shoulders sore the next day. Lately I’ve been trying to be smarter about planning ahead, and bringing in extra clothes if I’m planning on running to work the next day. That way I can avoid running with a backpack.

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