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One Thing Wednesday: “You look so different”


Office clothes instead of biking clothes. I finally traded in shorts for pants at the office.

I drove to the train this morning, instead of riding my bike.  At the train station after work today, this lady comes up to me and says, “Excuse me, you look so different without your bike.”    Not knowing how to respond (have I ever mentioned that I can be socially awkward?), I made some joke about trying to remember how to drive a car.

I always assumed that people wouldn’t really recognize me without my sunglasses, helmet, and bright clothes.  Guess I was wrong.  Should have known when the police officer near my office (on glorified school crossing guard duty) made a similar comment to me last week.


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  1. Ha- that’s funny! In your defence, that is an awkward thing to tell someone. I wonder what kind of response they’d expect.

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