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Running Around, But Not Running


plane sleepingI feel like this has been my life lately —>
With the amount that I travel for work, I’ve become a professional airplane sleeper.  Some people choose to work on flights, I choose to sleep.  It makes the flight go by so much quicker!

I always try to get a window seat near the back of the plane (where the engines are loudest and mask the sounds of passengers who think it’s ok to talk to each other), put in earplugs (to further block out the sounds of people talking), and then put on my sunglasses (since they don’t always dim the cabin lights for takeoff, and I’m too self-conscious to wear an eye-mask for non-longhaul flights).  I’m usually asleep before the wheels are off the ground.  Someday I’ll invest in one of those nerdy neck pillows.

Anyways, between travel for work and a quick trip up to Kansas City to take care of some personal business, I feel like I’ve been running around been non-stop the last two weeks.  Only I haven’t actually been running anywhere.  Last week I got in a whopping 11 miles of running, but I did get in about 70 miles on the bike, commuting to/from the office.  Unfortunately, it’s the running that I care more about right now.

I still haven’t finalized my decision whether or not I’m going to run the Rocky Raccoon 100.  I should probably decide soon since the race is less than 12 weeks away.  As shameful as it was, the last time (and only time) I ran 100 miles, I averaged a whopping 22 miles per week for the 16 weeks leading up to the race.  So at least last week’s mileage put’s me halfway there!



  1. Brittany says:

    The neck pillows don’t work well anyway (or my neck is just too long!). I have a hard time traveling frequently for work also – I always feel fatigued, more vulnerable to sickness, crappier diet, etc. Hang in there! Interested to see what you will decide on the race!

    • I’ve never used a neck pillow, but I see enough people with them that I figured they must be good for something. No matter how hard I try, I always end up eating like sh*t when I travel. I’m getting better, but a lot of the smaller airports in the South that I travel to just don’t have many good options.

  2. Laura says:

    I’m new to ultra running, but I think your biking fitness will definitely contribute! I say, do it!

    • I’ve noticed some good improvement in my running since I started bike commuting. My commute is only 10 miles, but I usually get in a couple good “sprints” off of stop lights. I think the cumulative fatigue of biking in the morning, running at lunch, and then biking in the evening has provided the best physiological benefits, since no single routine workout of mine is particularly draining.

  3. Running Girl says:

    Training is overrated. Just lace up on race day and cruise thru, oh, 100 miles. Piece. Of. Cake.

  4. Crazy you can sleep so well on planes. I guess when you fly so much you get used to it!
    Crazy the race is that close. When are you going to decide?!

    • I wasn’t always able to sleep on planes (I used to get really excited about the drink cart!), but I’ve definitely learned!

      I probably need to make a decision on the race by the end of the week. Then I can write a book on how not to train for an ultra in 11 weeks.

  5. Caitlin says:

    I’ve used a neck pillow before. The only thing it does is keep my head upright when my jaw opens during sleep, instead of letting my head tip over to the side and thus allowing my accumulated drool to land on my shoulder. So I guess it’s an improvement?

    • That sounds like a definite improvement! I don’t normally drool (too much) when I’m asleep on the airplanes, but I know that my head does fall over to the side and my mouth is open. I’m sure the people sitting beside me would appreciate me not breathing on them through my gaping mouth.

  6. Jill says:

    I say go for Rocky. What’s the worse that can happen….you just drop out (but I know you can do it!).

  7. Oh my gosh, go for RR100! I want to hear all about it! That’s my dream race.

    • There’s still spots left to register for your dream race! (although it’s admittedly easier for me to drive down to RR than it is for you to fly in from the other side of the world)

      • Ali says:

        I wish I could fly Stateside for it! Stupid plane tickets cost a fortune, though. I’m moving back in a few years, so I’ll just have to keep it on the bucket list for a little longer!

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