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One Thing Wednesday: “Cleaning” My Bike


I was giving my bike a quick cleaning, that’s all.  Somehow the quick cleaning turned into me having my entire drivetrain on the garage floor.

Why?  No good reason.  There weren’t any odd squeaks or noticeable issues.  It started with me figuring I should give my cassette a little bit deeper of a cleaning.  But then I didn’t want to run a dirty chain on a clean cassette so I removed the chain.  But it would be a shame for my chainrings to not get a deep cleaning too then, so I pulled the crankset off.  And since the crankset was off, why not just go ahead and remove the bottom bracket and clean that up a little bit too.

I could really use a bike workstand so that I’m not working on the floor.  (Hint, hint, Natasha)

At least I didn't try to disassemble the derailleurs!

At least I didn’t try to disassemble the derailleurs!



  1. Ha- this sounds like my husband! Have you put it back together yet? I bet you’ll notice it’s smoother!

    • It’s all back together, although I haven’t ridden it yet. I haven’t been bike commuting this week, but I plan on getting on the trainer early tomorrow morning (unless I hit the snooze button seven times, which is a definite possibility!)

  2. Eileen says:

    Want to come over and clean my bikes too? 🙂

  3. natasha says:

    Hints are better when they link to amazon. Hint, hint, Jesse.

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