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Losing My Mind (or, thinking about another 100 mile ultra)


After my bout of hypothermia during training for the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile ultra earlier this year, I swore off ultras for an undetermined amount of time (that race didn’t happen for me due to an unrelated issue).  I intentionally avoided most websites/blogs that talk a lot about ultramarathons, and instead set my eyes on my first triathlon earlier this summer and the upcoming opportunity to break down my marathon PR (it’s been three years since I’ve run a marathon, and it’s time for that old PR to be crushed).

In recent years, Rocky Raccoon has sold out rather quickly.  I intentionally avoided the website, because I didn’t want to know when registration opened.  Once the race is full, then there’s no temptation left.  Seeing as the race is less than three months away, I did something stupid.  I went to the website.  Not only is it not full, but there’s still almost 400 slots left.  The park where it’s held has a strict cap on the number of runners, so to avoid the sell-out the race organizers moved the accompanying 50 mile race to a different weekend.  So, instead of 50 mile and 100 mile runners filling up the slots, this race is all 100 milers.  Apparently there just aren’t enough stupid crazy runners out there who want to tackle 100 miles at once.

With this new-found discovery of the open slots, I’m this close to pulling the trigger and signing up.
Go ahead, egg me on or talk some sense into me.

Why wouldn’t I want to feel like this again?
My body may look like shit (and I felt like shit too), but at least my spirit was high.

After the Lost Soul 100 mile ultramarathon - September, 2011

Minutes after finishing the Lost Soul 100 mile ultramarathon
September, 2011



  1. Running Girl says:

    Do it!!! Don’t be some Canadian wuss!!
    All kidding aside, why not go for it? Let me live vicariously thru you…..

  2. I say go for it! Or, sign up for a marathon and crush your PR!
    Tough call though.
    I’m debating signing up for the Death Race this summer but am terrified!

  3. Indi says:

    Rocky is a great race…and you will do awesome! Do it….train you ass off and you’ll be golden! I think it’ll be on my 2015 list for sure!!

  4. I think I’m in the egging you on category. I say go for it! If your spirit was high afterwards, that’s enough reason in my book!

    • Good point. But not being able to walk for a week is also reason enough not to! Sometimes I forget how painful it was, then I look back through photos and see the pain on my face. Meh, can’t be that bad the second time around though, eh?

  5. erin says:

    Do it! It’s meant to be since it’s still open 🙂

  6. msmidt says:

    It’s karma. Go for it.

  7. tlsylvan says:

    Go for it! YOLO, right? 😉

  8. Brittany says:

    Curious what you decide! (and yes, IMTX is 80+ % full…)

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