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One Thing Wednesday: Chipotle


I love Chipotle.  So easy and convenient to get something vegan to eat, on top of it being delicious.

Imagine my excitement when I walked in the other day and saw the sign below.  I’m sure most omnivores aren’t impressed, but I am!

pinto beans



  1. saramechell says:

    …there are people who don’t eat bacon?!!

  2. tlsylvan says:

    Yes! I saw this the other day and it made me so happy! Three cheers for Chipotle!

  3. piratebobcat says:

    I stopped going to Chipotle years and years ago when I found out about some of their dubious goings-ons. Recently though, I have reintroduced them to my dining options as I read that they’ve cleaned up their act. I was thrilled to see that they now have brown rice for my bowl. And yes, it’s easy to eat veggie there!

  4. I love Chipotle, too. Even more, I love ordering via their iPhone app so I can drive/ride my bike over there and have the food ready to go.

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