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One Thing Wednesday: Selecting Our Kids


Selecting our kids.  Horrible choice of words, I know.  Makes it sound like we’re shopping for kids instead of adopting them.  We’re not shopping.  But since we are looking into adopting older kids, we have the distinct pleasure of going through four pages of behaviors/medical issues/racial background/whatever and ranking each on a scale of 1 to 4 of our willingness to accept/deal with that particular item.



While many of the items listed are to be expected when adopting kids from the foster system (kids don’t generally end up in the system because they’ve had easy, sheltered lives), others are a little more, ummm, interesting(?)  Let me highlight just a few of the items for you:
-smearing feces on floors/walls
-tends to abuse animals
-touching other children sexually
-history of playing with matches/setting fires

Some items were really easy for us to answer.  Others, not so much.  The whole process of selecting which things I am or am not willing to accept in my children has highlited different stereotypes that I believe, many of which I didn’t know I had, none of which I would have had to think about prior to having biological kids.

The adoption process has been an interesting/enlightening journey so far, and it’s only going to get more intense.
Bring it on! (easy for me to say, since there’s basically no turning back now!)





  1. Running Girl says:

    I beat myself up A LOT when I had to start checking boxes. It’s normal to feel that way. And in the end, you do have to be ok with the situation presented.

    I wish you guys nothing but the best with this process. I truly believe that the kid(s) you end up with were the ones God meant for you to have. No matter what box you have checked.

  2. You are a wonderful person for adopting children, especially older ones. Give yourself a break, my friend :).

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