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Driver of the Week – The Lane Sharer


Although you wouldn’t know it from watching this driver, this really is a two-lane road (in each direction), with a median in between.  So, there’s no need for him/her to try to share my lane.  But, for whatever reason, this driver couldn’t be bothered to move all the way over to the other lane.

I didn’t have to bleep out any swear words this time (bonus points for keeping it clean!)  I’m used to getting buzzed on this stretch of road by one particular driver, and when I heard this vehicle coming up behind me, I assumed that I may get buzzed.  I partially think that this might have been the usual suspect, just not driving her silver Dodge Ram truck.  She stopped to yell at me one morning, but when I told her I was recording her and had her license plate on my camera, she rolled up her window.  So, she knows that she’s being recorded now, I just think she’s trying to scare me enough to keep me from riding my bike.

(Excuse the poor lighting in this video – I had been messing with some settings on my camera, and obviously they didn’t work out real well, so I switched everything back to how it was.  Plus, since the sun had come up enough for me to be able to see the road without my headlight, I switched it to strobe mode, which seemed to make the camera think is was much darker outside than it really was )


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