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One Thing Wednesday – Driver of the Week?


I’m thinking about starting a new series on my blog, appropriately entitled “Driver of the Week.”  I can think of several other nouns that I would like to use instead of driver, but since we’re in the process of adopting children I realize that I need to watch my mouth a little more (which is also why I bleeped out a couple of words in the 9 second video).

Since I commute with a video camera on my bike, I have the wonderful ability to replay all of the assinine things that drivers do.  I don’t really dwell or stew over them when I get home, but it can be kind of interesting to see.  Like this little encounter, where I’m cruising along at 26mph, and this guy decides to pull out in front of me.  I should note that I was wearing an insanely bright orange shirt, and an obnoxiously bright flashing light facing forward.  If this guy didn’t see me, he shouldn’t have his drivers license.  He just must not have thought that I was doing more than 5mph on my bike.

When viewing the video, keep in mind that the camera lens captures 170 degree field of view, so “objects in the (video) are closer than they appear.”  Significantly closer.

What do you think?  Want to see more?



  1. Running Girl says:

    You bleeped yourself wishing him a good day?

  2. saramechell says:

    Oh my gosh…HA!! what a BLEEP. Some people, I swear. You don’t have to be a cyclist to know how to be respectful!

  3. I know this blog wasn’t really about adopting, but just wanted to wish you the best in the process! Hugs, Kendra

    • Thanks! When I think about it, I’m not really sure why I’m worried about cleaning up my mouth. We’re looking at adopting older kids (possibly teenagers) from the foster system, so I’m quite sure they’ll already know more colorful language than I do.

  4. lindsay says:

    i think this would be a great series! seriously. what an idiot. you can tell (s)he’s close based on how quickly you get to him(/her)! (no offense but i’m sure you weren’t going 30+mph lol)

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