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Marathon Training: Week 5 of 18


Run 4.5 miles (8:16/mile pace)
Bike commute 20 miles

Run 4.0 miles (8:00/mile pace)
Bike commute 10 miles

Bike commute 20 miles
Swim 5 minutes (immediately after bike commute home)

Run 4.0 miles (8:06/mile pace)
Bike commute 20 miles

Bike commute 10 miles

Run 18.0 miles (7:20/mile pace)

Brick – 20 mins swim total, 8x30s intervals on bike total (with 30s rest)

Run – 30.5 miles
Bike – 80 miles + trainer intervals
Swim – 25 minutes

I still haven’t been able willing to get in my speedwork sessions.  I added in some short fartleks into a couple of my short runs this week, but nothing too substantial.  It at least made me feel like I was doing something faster.  It’ll still be awhile before the temperatures start to fall low enough to the point where I’ll actually want to do intervals/tempo runs, so I really should just suck it up and do the best that I can in 100F/38C temps.

Yesterday’s long run was more enjoyable than most of my other long runs lately.  I needed to head up to Kansas City to take care of some business, so I brought along my running stuff to get in my 18 miles in the cooler temps.  I think it was under 75F when I started, and was still less than 85F when I finished up a little more than two hours later.   I was hoping to go to the trail where I used to do the majority of my long runs, since it’s relatively secluded and very few people use it.  But, evidently they’ve decided to close that trail indefinitely, and so I was stuck running in English Landing Park in Parkville, MO.
Screen shot 2013-08-11 at 8.26.16 PMIt’s a rather monotonous 2.5ish mile loop, and is always jam packed with other people.  Now, I do like to see other people being active, but I don’t like spending my time dodging people who walk four across, or who run right down the middle of the path thinking that they must be the fastest person out there and no one will come up behind them needing to pass.  It got old pretty quick, but at least it was flat and cool.

This afternoon I hopped in the pool for 15 minutes of swimming, then jumped on the bike trainer for some 30/30s (30 seconds hard, 30 seconds active rest).  The first 90 seconds or so were spent trying to get my shoes on properly (was using a different pair than normal), so my heart rate dropped down some from the swim.  I really tried to push it on the last two (out of six) to get my heart rate up higher.
Screen shot 2013-08-11 at 8.08.35 PMAfter those six intervals on the bike, I jumped back into the pool for another five minutes of swimming, and then started another round of 30/30s on the bike.  Midway through the second interval, I managed to crash my bike on the trainer.  I guess I didn’t lock down the back wheel tight enough, and it came out while I was hammering through.  No blood though, and it looks like my back wheel survived ok.

One week until my first triathlon, so I’ll probably spend some time this week working on my transitions (and swimming in the dark).


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  1. saramechell says:

    Can’t wait to hear about how your tri goes!

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