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A Failed Brick Workout


I probably shouldn’t say that my attempt at a swim then bike workout this morning was a failure – an aborted workout would probably be more accurate since I simply quit early.

I’ve been ignoring my swimming since the aquathlon last month (where I ended up backstroking almost all 750m).  I think I’ve made it relatively clear that I don’t do well in the water, and don’t particularly enjoy swimming.  But since my first triathlon is less than 10 days away, I know I need to put some effort into the swim (assuming it’s not too late).

So I decided that I would hop in our pool this morning, swim (tethered) for about 10 minutes, and then transition into my normal bike commute to work.  It was still dark outside when I hopped in the pool.  I figured I might have a little bit of anxiety swimming in the dark, but I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was.  I mean, it’s MY swimming pool.  I know that there’s nothing in it.  I even took a flashlight and looked around in the water before hopping in, just to make sure no water monsters (or snakes) moved in over night.  All clear.  But my anxiety still took over quickly.  I tried to keep swimming, but after a whopping 124 seconds I gave up. 

I can justify having issues swimming in a lake where I can’t see more than six inches into the water, but in my own pool?  Kind of embarassing.  Ok, really embarassing. 

At least I still got in 10 miles on the bike afterwards.  Maybe I need to give more consideration to duathlons instead of triathlons.



  1. Do you have the same anxiety if you are just relaxing in a pool? Maybe it would be good to spend more time in the water without swimming to get your mind accustomed to it, then progress to back stroke (head out of water), breast stroke (head mostly out of water), and then freestyle. Good luck in the triathlon.

  2. I’m determined to do my first triathlon next year, I’ve been putting off the swimming, but sooner or later I gotta get to it or I’ll drown. Given my current condition I’d be lucky to finish the swimming part backstroking.

  3. Running Girl says:

    No bobcats floating by on a raft?

  4. Maybe just keeping trying every day for a couple minutes and see if you can get used to it that way??

  5. Wait, there are aquathlons? Never knew that!

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