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Reset – Going Through Withdrawals

Not quite stocked full, since the bottom shelf is out of juice, but you get the idea.

Not quite stocked full, since the bottom shelf is out of juice, but you get the idea.  Not pictured are the 15 or so cases that are perpetually on the ground beside the fridge, ready to restock.

I’ve been feeling kind of off lately, and so I’m trying to reset my body and get back to some sort of normal.  Over the past few months, my sugar intake in particular has skyrocketed.  In my department at work, we have a fridge that is stocked full of Coke, Dr. Pepper, Juice, and water, all free for the taking.

It started out with me drinking a can of apple juice when I got to work each morning.  Then another.  Then another.  Then add in some Dr Pepper.  Before I knew it, I was consuming 600-800 liquid calories from that fridge every day.  Sure, I wrote most of it off because the apple juice really is “100% apple juice,”  but it still is sugar, even if in a more natural state.

The other day my wife informed me that I am “exponentially grumpier” when my sugar intake is high.  Now, I’m enough of a math geek that I had to think about whether she was actually trying to tell me I was more grumpy, or if I was actually less grumpy:
grumpyI’m pretty sure it was the latter though.  So, I decided (with some encouragement from my wife) to cut the sugar and try to start treating my body better.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve had a can of pop (or soda, since I am in the South now).  The first few days were really rough – I was dragging all day and craving the caffeine and sugar rush.  It’s getting a little easier, but I definitely still want to open up a heavenly can of Dr Pepper.

I have a lot of trouble sleeping (whether or not I’m on caffeine, although it obviously doesn’t help).  I have no problem falling asleep – in fact if I’m not asleep within 4 minutes of laying down, I start complaining to my wife that I’m not sleeping.  Usually takes me less than two minutes.  But staying asleep is my problem.  Despite taking three benadryl pills every single night (adult dose is two), I’m often up before 4:30, and just not able to fall back asleep.  To help with this problem, I started drinking chamomile tea before bed (iced, not hot).  Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but I’ve been shocked at how much it’s helped.   I’m slowly backing off the benadryl at the same time, and hopefully I can stay at a lower (or non-existent) dose and still get in some quality sleep.

I’m also trying to make better choices for food when we’re eating out or when I’m traveling.  Today, for instance, I was in Amarillo over lunch, and I reached for the bottle of water at the airport food court instead of the bottle of coke (or the horribly sugarfied bottles of iced tea that I often drink if I want to feel like I’m making a better choice!)  I need to get better about the small choices that I make all of the time.

I have no intentions of denying myself of all indulgences, but when they happen several times a day, it’s not good for my body.  Especially as I try to ramp up my marathon training, I need to be making better choices of fuel that I use.


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  1. sushismith says:

    I know what you mean, I just started working at Subway a couple of weeks ago and since employees get free soda at the machine, my diet soda consumption has gone up exponentially even though I know it is probably one of the worst things I could be putting into my body! I haven’t quite figured out if it’s making me feel worse yet or not…but kudos to you on getting through the withdrawal phase! I also wanted to thank you for your comment on my post “Why I am not running the Eugene Marathon”. New update, I’m training for the Portland marathon in a couple of months. To better health for the both of us, and successful training!

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