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One Thing Wednesday: Use It or Lose It


IMG_20130807_063637We don’t have a gym at my work, but we do have a locker room with a couple of showers (and there is a basketball court and a sand volleyball court outside).  The men’s locker room at work has about a hundred lockers in it, and they’re all assigned and taken.  There’s a waiting list that you can put your name on, and then when someone with a locker quits/transfers/retires, it’s yours.  I’m very fortunate in that it took me less than a year to get a locker, largely due to a sublet from a co-worker (his name was up next, and he let me take his locker since he knew I’d use it far more than him – he was right, I shower their twice a day between bike commuting and lunch break runs).   Twice a year the company will send out an email to see if everyone wants to keep their locker.  Reply back that you want to keep yours, and you retain the rights to it.

Whoever has the locker next to me clearly doesn’t use it.  Their lock has a thick layer of dust on it, as does the handle. There are a ton of people who use the locker room regularly, but don’t have a locker.  But for whatever reason, this individual must feel that they ‘need’ to have this little bit of personal storage in a room that they never enter.

If I didn’t already have a locker, I’d be tempted to take bolt cutters to this one and take it over.



  1. Man, i wish i had a locker room at my work. That would make lunch runs a real possibility.

  2. Jill says:

    This post reminded me of a friend’s post a couple years back…

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