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Marathon Training: Week 4 of 18


Run 4.0 miles (8:19/mile pace)
Bike commute 20 miles

Swim 10 minutes (immediately followed by bike commute)
Bike commute 24 miles

Run 4.0 miles (7:46/mile pace)
Bike commute 20 miles

Run 4.0 miles (8:22/mile pace)
Bike commute 20 miles

Run 4.0 miles (7:59/mile)
Bike commute 20 miles


Run 15.0 miles (7:26/mile)

Run – 31 miles
Bike – 104 miles
Swim – 10 minutes

Random thoughts about the week:
This ended up being an unplanned “reset” week.  No intervals, no tempo run, just trying to get my body back to some sort of normal.  I may blog on my reset in the near future – basically trying to get myself off of a lot of sugars and caffeine.  I haven’t been feeling real well lately, and I think it’s largely due to the sh*t that I’ve been eating/drinking (ignoring the nitty-gritty of how the sugar may have been processed, I’m pretty sure that none of the 23 flavors that make up Dr Pepper are animal-based, so it had become a staple in my vegan diet).

I managed to hit my long run for the week, 15 miles at PMP + 45 seconds (planned marathon pace + 45s, or 7:30/mile in my case).  It was the only run on the training plan that I got in this week.  No tempo.  No intervals.  It was actually a pretty discouraging week of running – even the 15 miler was more difficult than I anticipated.  But at least I made it out the door by 7am for the long run, which helped tremendously.

I’ve got two weeks until my first triathlon, and I really do need to start getting back in the pool.  The aquathlon swim experience killed what minimal desire to swim that I had.  If nothing else, I know that I can backstroke my way through the 350m swim portion of the tri, although I’d prefer to stay on my front for the entire swim.

On the bright side for the week, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a 100 mile week of bike commuting (both directions, five days).  I’m pretty sure it was over 100F/38C every day on my ride home (and full sun), so it wasn’t always that pleasant, but I got it done .  Tuesday I even got in a bonus 4 miles on my way into the office, since a fight was breaking out on the train and I jumped off a couple of stops early to avoid getting hit by any stray bullets that may start flying.  Oh the joys of public transit!


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