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One Thing Wednesday – Carrying My Helmet


My bike gets parked in my cube when I commute to work.  I carry it up the stairs to the second floor, drop it off in my cube, change my shoes (so I’m not walking with cleats on through the halls), and then walk across the building to the showers.  I’m there early enough that the building is still relatively quiet, but I usually see at least a dozen or so people as I’m walking to go get cleaned up.

There’s no reason or logical explanation for it, but I always carry my helmet with me to the showers.  I don’t store my helmet in my locker – I bring it right back with me to the cube.   I think that subconsciously I want people to know that there’s a good reason why I’m wearing a bright yellow shirt, smell bad, and am soaked in sweat.   I’ve never really sat down and given it much thought as to why.   It’s just one of those odd things that I’ve been doing since I started bike commuting to work.



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