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Marathon Training: Weeks 2 and 3 of 18


Week 2 (July 15-21):
Run 3.83 miles (7:27/mile pace)

Run 4.42 miles (6x400m intervals, avg 1:23/400m)

Bike trainer – 20 minutes

Run 4.0 miles (treadmill – 2 miles @ 6:00/mile, overall average 7:08/mile)

Run 9.0 miles (7:41/mile)


Aquathlon (750m swim, 5k run)

Week 2 Totals:
Run: 24.35 miles
Bike: 20 miles
Other: Aquathlon & Bike trainer

Week 3 (July 22-28)

Run 4.0 miles (8:37/mile pace, tried to keep heart rate low)

Run 4.0  miles (4x800m intervals – avg 2:56/800m)

Run 4.0 miles (7:38/mile pace)
Bike commute 20 miles

Run 4.0 miles (7:52/mile pace)
Bike Commute 20 miles

Bike commute 10 miles


Run 11.25 miles (7:15/mile pace)

 Week 3 Totals:
Run: 27.25 miles
Bike: 50 miles


You can barely see the tv control in the bottom left of the photo

It’s been an odd couple of weeks in terms of my work/life schedule, and I don’t feel like I’ve gotten in as much training as I would like to.  I spent a good portion of Week 2 traveling for work.  Normally I can get away doing day trips, but I needed to attend some meetings out in Florida.  Thursday evening I was planning on going for a run outside, but there was a thunderstorm that didn’t seem to want to let up, so I finally relegated myself to the hotel treadmill.  The hotel “gym” was rather warm, and had no fans or extra air circulation.  It also didn’t help that I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the (aftermarket) tv on the treadmill.  So I was left to stare at myself while I ran, which isn’t exactly my favorite.  It wasn’t until I was wiping down the treadmill after the run that I noticed the on/off button was mounted on the handrail, on the left side.  Not the most logical spot in my mind, but nobody asked my opinion.


Running along the ocean in Fort Lauderdale

Friday morning I was able to get out and go for a run before catching a flight back to Dallas.  My hotel wasn’t right on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, but it was close enough for me to be able to run there.  I’m not sure if it was the humidity (it wasn’t overly hot) or if I was just tired and run down, but this run sucked in terms of performance.  I just couldn’t get my legs to turn over quickly.   Still, it was a nice change of pace to be able to run alongside the ocean for most of the 9 miles.

These past two weeks definitely were not a confidence booster for me in terms of running.  My paces have been slow, and while I’ve tried to do some sort of intervals, they haven’t ended with encouraging results.  Today’s 11+ mile run was no exception.  I was supposed to do 13, but my body just couldn’t take the heat anymore (I started running after 9am, which is my own fault).  Around mile 9, I stopped and cooled down in the shade.  I took the last 2 miles easy, just so I could at least get into the double digits before calling it quits.

I know, it’s summer in Texas and the oppressive heat doesn’t help training, but it’s getting to be slightly demoralizing.  I need to figure out some sort of new running schedule, because running in the middle of the day isn’t condusive to getting in quality miles.  The obvious answer is to start running in the mornings, at least on days when I’m trying to get in quality workouts that serve a specific purpose (intervals, long run, tempo).  I’m often up and awake at 4:30am, even though my alarm is set for 5:45.  I could use that time for something more productive than laying on the couch and surfing the internet. Problem is that my motivation is essentially zero at 4:30 in the morning.  But I know that if I want any chance of getting under 3 hours at my fall marathon, I’ve got to start getting in more miles, and more importantly, more quality miles.  And I’m not able to do that when it’s 100 degrees outside.  So, hopefully this week I can get into a better morning routine.



  1. I feel your pain with the heat. I live in Sacramento, CA and the summers are consistently over 100F and running is either before 9am or not at all. I have felt my performance suffer a lot from it, too.

  2. Running Girl says:

    What fall marathon are you aiming for? A word of warning – even running at 4:30am is miserable here. The only difference is that you don’t have the sun beating on you. Humidity is a killer before dawn!

    • I’m looking at the Fort Worth Marathon this fall. If I don’t have a good race, I may end up doing Cowtown after. I think White Rock would be more exciting to race, but it’s the day after my wife’s birthday, and there’s no need for me to be going through taper madness on her day!

      • Running Girl says:

        I haven’t done Cowtown but my friends prefer it over White Rock. The weather is a huge factor with WR. I ran it two years ago in pouring rain and 40 degrees. Parts of the course were flooded out. Last year it was warm to start, and then a cold front blasted thru. I say – celebrate happily with your wife and then try out the hills in Cowtown.

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