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Marathon Training: Week 1 of 18


In my recent random post, I mentioned that my marathon training would start soon.  What I failed to realize is that it actually was supposed to start this past week.   I’m overlapping the marathon training with my upcoming inaugural sprint tri, since that race is more/less just for fun and I don’t have a real time goal (probably a good plan for my first ever triathlon).

For marathon training, I’m going to try to focus on three quality runs per week (long run, tempo run, and intervals).  The rest of my time be devoted to cross-training or junk recovery miles.  Unfortunately, I’m not off to a great start with the intervals!  Hopefully this week I’ll get some in.


My hotel treadmill run on Thursday

Run 4.0 miles (7:02/mile)
Bike trainer 20 minutes (6x30s intervals)
Bike commute 20 miles

Swim 15 minutes
Bike commute 20 miles

Bike Commute 10 miles

Run 5 miles (hotel treadmill – 3 miles @ 6:05, 6:03, 5:34)

Run 4 miles (7:12/mile)
Bike commute 10 miles

Swim 25 minutes (longest swim to date)

Run 13.1 miles (7:06/mile)

Run – 26.1 miles
Bike Commute – 60 miles
Bike Trainer – 20 minutes
Swim – 40  minutes

I signed up for an open-water swim clinic for yesterday, but it ended up getting canceled due to the weather. I was more disappointed than I thought I’d be, but I took advantage of the cooler weather and got in a long(ish) run. Plan called for 13 miles at “planned marathon pace plus 30 seconds.”  Ended up making it a nice round half marathon (in 1:33:xx).  I have really been struggling with my running lately. Every run has felt incredibly difficult and laborious, regardless of pace. Yesterday’s run was a nice break from that, and a reminder that I’m not necessarily unfit, but that running at noon when the temperatures are at or above 100f/38C affects my body’s ability to run fast.

This coming Sunday I have an aquathlon (750m swim, 5k run). Unless I make it to the lake sometime this week, race day will be my first open water swim attempt (ever). At least there should be kayak support in case I completely freak out. Being disqualified for needing assistance is surely better than getting eaten by the water monsters.


This “conversion” list was on the scale in the hotel fitness center.
I appreciate the effort to include metric people (aka, everyone but Americans), but there are a few things wrong with this picture:
1 – This scale doesn’t even measure in ounces
2 – If you don’t have any comprehension of the metric system, then you should be familiar enough with the “other” system to know that there are 16 ounces in a pound.  Simple logic would lead you to conclude that the metric equivalent to a pound should be 16 times larger than the metric equivalent to an ounce.
For the record, 1lb = 454 grams.



  1. says:

    The weather makes running near impossible…..and 100% miserable! Enjoy the OWS clinic….the difference b/w swimming in the open vs the pool is night vs day!! Soooo much more enjoyable!! 🙂

  2. Brittany says:

    Wow – starting off with a 750m OWS! Good for you, hope it goes well!

  3. Love that your marathon training includes some cross training! How many days a week are you planning on running?

    • I’ll run everyday that I’m in the office and don’t have lunch meetings (usually just four or five miles), which can be anywhere from one to five days per week. In the end, I’ll probably average five runs a week total, including my longer runs. The cross-training is almost essentially limited to bike-commuting, with the occasional bit of swimming added in.

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