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One Thing Wednesday – Flying


I’ve decided to start back up “One Thing Wednesday.”  I used to do this somewhat regularly on my old blog, and it seemed like a good place for me to put random things that don’t really fit in anywhere else.  A lot of people do ‘Three Things Thursday’, but that just seems like way too much work.  One thing fits much more in line with my laziness.  And so here’s the inaugural One Thing Wednesday: (today is Wednesday, right?  I’ve kind of lost track of days of the week)

Today, somewhere over Oklahoma, I’ll hit 100,000 flying miles since I started with this airline 18 months ago.  254 flights, so if you do the math, most of my flights are short (averaging less than 400 miles).  I travel frequently, but I’m hardly a road warrior.  I’m rarely gone overnight, and usually just fly into an airport for a quick meeting, and then turn around to fly straight back. I judge the cities I fly into solely based on the food options at the airport. Which, for the record, Jackson Mississippi is currently bottom of my list.

All of the flight routes I've flown in the last 18 months, some of them many times over(like DAL-MCI, DAL-AUS, DAL-HOU)

All of the flight routes I’ve flown in the last 18 months, some of them many times over



  1. Brittany says:

    I have so many things to comment on! First, I love the idea of One Thing Wednesday and I’d like your permission to borrow the idea (but not the title) for my blog. I’ve been struggling with my writing because I’ve operated under the philosophy that all my writing as to be fluid and coherent, but it’s just not working for me and it’s causing me to dig myself into holes of inaction. Also, I’m extremely curious about your job. How’d you get into it? Do you love it? It seems like a lot of idle time for someone so active, but it’s interesting nonetheless. And how do you manage to constantly eat airport food as a vegan? What are some of the best and worst places you’ve eaten?

    • Feel free to use the One Thing Wednesday idea. For me, I stop blogging for periods of time when I put pressure on myself to blog only about a certain topic, or to make coherent and majestic posts (as if that ever actually happens). In the end, I try to remind myself that I’m blogging as an outlet for me, and if people don’t like it, they can hit the little ‘X’ in the top corner of their screen.

      As for my job, I worked for a different airline for 6+ years, loading bags and pushing planes. That airline wasn’t incredibly stable for me to build a long-term career, so I went and got my college degree while working there. I was incredibly fortunate to get on with another airline (the one with the longest history of consecutively profitable years) in a position that uses my degree. I couldn’t think of a better job position for me. There is idle time on the planes, but I’ve become a professional at sleeping on airplanes. I’m almost always out before the wheels leave the ground. I’m in the office more than I’m traveling though, which is my preference, but I like that the travel breaks up the monotony.

      Eating vegan in airports is tricky and inconvenient, and I will admit to playing ignorant on occasion (don’t ask, don’t tell). I just do my best, and roll with it. In some smaller airports, I’m often left eating what I call a “Hudson News Lunch”, as my only real option is whatever prepackaged snack foods I can find in the Hudson News (or equivalent) store. If the airport has a burrito place, I’m usually pretty happy. I’ve sworn off salads from Great American Bagel – every time I’ve eaten one at least one of the vegetable-types is rotten, usually the cucumbers.

      I’ve thought about posting sometime about eating vegan in airports. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get around to it.

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