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Catching Up (Bullet Point Style)


Once I start to feel like I’m falling behind on life, I have a hard time feeling caught up, even when my to-do list shrinks (although the list never disappears, just ask my wife about the fence gates that have been sitting half-done for 15 months now).  Such is how I’ve felt lately.  And so to help my brain move forward, I’m recapping the last 10ish days bullet point style.

  • We ended up buying a new (used) car this past week.  Wasn’t in the plans, but it was an expense we knew we’d need to give in to sooner over later.  We bought a vehicle about a year ago, and have sunk far more into the vehicles in repairs than our original purchase price.  We should have cut our losses a long time ago, but after you’ve had the transmission rebuilt and seemingly replaced every moving part, you start to think “surely it must be good now.”  It’s not.  I’m sure it would have died much sooner if I drove it to work every day instead of biking.
  • I set out for a 12 mile run yesterday, only to discover 6 miles in that the water fountains on the path were shut off.  Since it was 95F/35C outside, my little handheld bottle didn’t last too long.  I took shortcuts home and the run ended up being 7.5 miles.  Frustrated, but not enough to just refill my water bottle at home and head back out.  Nope, that didn’t even cross my mind.
  • We were planning on going to Salt Lake City for the long weekend, to briefly meet up with some friends of ours who are roadtripping their way around the western half of the country.  Working for an airline, I can fly stand-by on just about any airline for next to nothing.  We took a gamble, and tried to catch a non-stop flight on a different airline (cut flight time down to less than three hours, versus about seven total hours on the airline I work for).  The flights looked good when we checked in, but something happened and they promptly filled up.  Cancel Salt Lake City trip.
  • I may or may not have  had a mild freakout and beached myself after a small fish swam near my hand.

    I may or may not have had a mild freakout and intentionally beached myself after a small fish swam near my hand.  I’m smiling only because I realize how absurd it must look for a grown man to panic and beach himself on a rock, when there are tons of little kids swimming around unfazed.

    Instead, we went to Austin for the day on Friday.  No need for me to recap the trip, since my wife already did so on her blog, here.  I will note on here that I manage to swim in non-pool water, and I didn’t freak out too badly (although I never did stick my face under water).

  • I wish I knew how to enjoy the celebrations that occur this time of year.  July 1st = Canada Day.  July 4th = US Independence Day.  Two years ago I became a US Citizen.  I may have two passports sitting in my drawer, but I don’t feel like I fully identify with either one.  I keep my “Canadian” label, but I haven’t lived north of the 49th parallel for 11+ years and I’ve lost the vast majority of my accent.  The US is my home, but I don’t feel like Independence Day is “my” holiday.  My wife makes sure to do something special every Canada Day, which I’m very appreciative of.  But I’m no longer entirely sure where I fit in.
  • We sort of fired our adoption agency, and are starting over with a different agency.  They were able to transfer over some of our foster-care training, so we’re not having to start completely over.  We should be done with all of our required training sometime this month, and then they start the home-study.  After that, it’s only a matter of time.
  • I plotted out an 18-week marathon training plan.  That training starts soon.  I’m also only seven or so weeks out from my first triathlon.  I should really start thinking about training for that.  I’ll add it to my to-do list.


  1. saramechell says:

    Fingers crossed for your new adoption agency that things go well 🙂

    I’m a month out from my first triathlon. Sprint distance. The training is so different than running. Good luck to you!! It’s a blast.

  2. Brittany says:

    I LOVE Austin weekend getaways! We did Hamilton Pool last year; Barton Springs is also great (sometimes busy) if you need a really cold dip on a hot day.

  3. Running Girl says:

    We fired two agencies before the third agency introduced us to a fourth agency and we ended up with our son. Isn’t the adoption process fun?

    • Four agencies?! That would definitely be testing my patience! There’s more than enough paperwork with just one agency, let alone having to submit to four.

      We just finished up with our foster care training, so now we’re just waiting on the homestudy to start. I’ve been told to make sure I have alcohol on hand for after the homestudy interview is over!

      • Running Girl says:

        Home study really isn’t that bad. Just put away the guns and make sure you don’t have any open flames next to cans of gasoline. They tend to frown on that.

        Alcohol is definitely required for this process. And a sense of humor. Our journey almost got comical it was so bad. But the end result was worth it.

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