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It’s Hot Outside! (shocking, since it’s summer)


I always scoff laugh when I see people post pictures on facebook of the thermometers in their cars showing how hot it is, and complaining about the heat this time of year.  It’s summer people, it’s supposed to be hot!  With that being said, I’m going to be one of those people today (although I’ll do my best to not actually complain about the temperature, because complaining about it changes nothing).  Since I don’t have a thermometer on my bike, a screenshot from will have to suffice!
Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 6.56.12 PMYes, that was the temperature during my bike commute home today (I was conveniently riding home at 5:25pm, the hottest time of the day today).  For those of you who are used to reading the temperature in a more logical scale (aka Celsius), let me translate it for you.  107 degrees fahrenheit equals f*cking hot in celsius (aka 42C).  And “feels like” 113 fahrenheit?  That’s really f*cking hot (aka 45C).  Not sure where the “partly cloudy” came from, since it was all sun.  I took it easy, and instead of staring at my speed on my Garmin, I watched my heart rate the entire time – wanted to make sure I kept it as low as possible.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore jumping in the pool to cool off from the ride, I made myself a delicious smoothie in our new Vitamix.  I’m loving that I can have a super thick and creamy smoothie in less than 2 minutes.  I used to use a Magic Bullet for smoothies, but I needed to add so much liquid to make it blend, that it was never as thick as I wanted.  No more!  One banana, some frozen strawberries, a splash of rice milk, and a spoonful of rice protein powder.

I’ve been trying to swim daily this week, although yesterday it didn’t happen (15 hour travel day for work).  I’m definitely seeing improvements, both in my stamina and my technique.  If I were to post a video of my swimming form, I’m sure it would still be classified as abysmal, but as long as it gets the job done for this triathlon, I’ll be happy!



  1. That is insanely hot! I can’t imagine running in that heat! So nice you have a pool to hop in and that you can swim as a workout! What do you wear to commute in?

    • I usually wear running clothes to commute in, although I do ride in longer shorts than I run in. Since my full commute is split between biking and the train, I don’t wear lycra – I’m not quite comfortable standing around in skin-tight cycling clothes in a train full of strangers.

  2. When it’s that hot, I’m always thankful to be biking and not running. I dunked my head in the public fountain the other day on my run, and we weren’t even in the triple digits yet. Way to rock the bike commute! –Kendra

    • Thanks Kendra! I’m not entirely sure that I prefer biking over running in the heat. If I didn’t have stoplights to be waiting at, it might be different, but obviously without the wind running across me I get a bit warmer! I don’t have many lights, but they all seem to be 90+ seconds before they turn (Texas lights are some of the longest lights I’ve encountered).

  3. Jean says:

    Need to go cycling, starting at maybe 6:00 am :D? When I lived in Toronto, I needed to do this: to beat car congestion at peak hrs. and also some relief for very hot humid summer days.

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