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Losing My Vision


This morning was my first bike commute (or any sort of exercise, really) since I got neutered. I was a little worried about how it would go, but it turns out my only issue was losing one of my contact lenses. Since I wear daily disposables, I’ve been keeping an extra pair in my seat bag. 30 seconds and I was back on the road. Much better than trying to ride with only one good eye (which I’ve had to do before).


Confession: I wear my daily disposable lenses for a lot longer than a day. Several years ago there was a lawsuit against the manufacturers, with the final outcome showing that the dailies are the same as the monthly wear lenses, just in different packaging. Anyone else do this?



  1. Yep, my monthly wear lenses can last a little longer than a month if I take them out every night. They’re just too expensive not to try to extend their life. I have some older lenses that I bring while riding, etc just in case one falls out. They’re a little off from my current script, but hell, it’s better than trying to be a one-eyed pirate navigating a busy road!

  2. Eileen says:

    I wear my daily lenses for a couple weeks but I usually throw them out right away after swimming in open water.

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