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A Week of Nothing


It’s been a week of me doing nothing, and it’s really starting to gnaw at me.  In theory, I could start running today, but my folks are in town from Canada for the weekend.  They leave Monday, which inconveniently coincides with the start of a rough few days at work for me.  Realistically, I’m not likely to be able to get back out running and bike commuting until next Thursday.

Next Saturday I’ll be taking the intro class at the Superdrome.  I’m looking forward to having the velodrome experience.  Hopefully they’ll let me ride with my helmet camera.  If not, I’ll settle with photos from the sidelines.  Until then, I’ll just continue to be dreaming about active, while eating twizzler’s from the 2.2kg (~5lbg) Costco-sized tub of them that my mother brought me from Canada (yes, even though we can get the same twizzler’s down here).


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