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Want A Pair of Free Compression Socks?


img1A friend posted this link on facebook last week.  I’m usually very skeptical of anything that’s being given away for free, but this one is for real.  Ok, so it’s not technically free.  They charge you $5.95 shipping.  But still, six bucks for a pair of compression socks is basically free in my mind (normal retail on these is $35).  I’m not sure when this deal ends, but it appeared to still be active this morning.

I ordered mine on June 8th, and they showed up in the mail yesterday.  No choice of color, but you can choose your size.  I tried to order multiple pairs, but you’re limited to one pair before the normal $35 price comes back into play.

Based on their sizing guide, I fell right into the middle of the range for the medium size.  I should have ordered a small.  They don’t feel like they compress enough (for my liking), and they come well above my knee if I pull them tight (which I think it weird). They are kind of retro beige color, but who knows what you’ll end up with!

Regardless, I’ll get $6 worth of use out of them around the house.  I’ve got a couple of other pairs of compression socks that I’m more likely to wear in public (if I were to ever wear compression socks in public, that is!)


I have no intention of ever wearing the socks pulled up over my knees – just wanted to show how long they were!

I wasn’t compensated for this post – I’m just a sucker for a good deal and wanted to pass it along!



  1. Interesting!! I had a couple pairs of “recovery socks”. I think they worked pretty good. They wore out but I prefer Cep or pro compression now.

    • I can see how the other brands would be preferable (scientifically based on the 5 minutes that I wore them this morning, recovering from a hard night of sleeping). I have two different brands that I feel are more compressive than these, but for $6 I think they are better than nothing! Maybe if I would have gotten the smaller size, or if they shrink in the washer, they’ll feel better.

  2. Natasha says:

    Hot damn! Can’t get enough of that second photo.

  3. huntersamuelson says:

    I am ordering some now!!!!

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