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Looking Ahead


I finished up a rough draft of my training schedule for the next 20+ weeks, beginning June 17th (after I’m recovered from my little surgery).  Here’s what it looks like: (click for larger version)

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 7.44.50 AM

Aquathon, July 21 (750m swim, 5k run) – I just found this little race (right close to our house), and they are offering a free open-water swim workshop with registration, held the week before the race.  I really need the help with my swim, and registration is cheap, so I’d like to do this.
Sprint triathlon, August 19 (350m swim, 12 mile bike, 5k run) – This will be my first triathlon, and I’ll do my best to not put a time goal pressure on myself.
Corporate Challenge 15k Bike and 5k run, September – I participated in these two (separate) events last year, and had a lot of fun.  Various area companies compete against each other, and it can get a little competitive.  The 15k bike is a team time trial (translation: draft legal) with the times of the first two men and first two women from each company being added together for the results.  The 5k run takes the top three men and women from each company for the results.  I won’t specifically train for these, but I would like to still treat them as races.
Half-marathon, October 12th – This is a new race this year, held on the path where I normally do my long runs.  It’s flat and relatively fast.  It will be a good race for me to make an attempt at finishing under 1:20.  This will be my primary goal race for the year.
Marathon, November 10th – It’s been three years since my last attempt at a marathon.  I ended up with bad stomach cramps, and spent the last 5+ miles walking.  I’m ready for some redemption.  Ideally, I’d like to pull a Paul Ryan and run a “two hour and fifty something” race, but I’d like my time to be real and not actually 4:01:25.

General Training Plan Details:
I intentionally left training paces off the plan for now.  I also left my cutback and taper weeks blank, as I’d like the flexibility to train by feel during those periods.  I’ll do at least a couple of brick (particularly bike to run) workouts before the tri.

This will obviously be my focus for the year.  I plan on building speed early on in the cycle, rather than the traditional endurance first, speed second.  My long runs will not be ‘long, slow distance’ and I’ll incorporate various workouts into the long runs (race pace miles, etc.)   For now, I’ve left the details of my speed workouts off the plan.  I’ll probably continually update those as I progress, but I wanted to get the various intervals down on paper that I’d like to incorporate.

I’ve really only got some workouts on there to prepare for the sprint tri and the corporate challenge race.  These workouts will probably be the first things to get dropped if I’m feeling overtired or drained.  I’ll still be bike commuting to work when I can, so I’ll be getting in some mileage regardless.  The 30/30s are an interval workout for the trainer that sounded somewhat fun – 30 seconds hard sprint, 30 second rest (and then keep repeating).  I feel like the hill workouts will be more beneficial to me though, as I currently get short intervals when I go from a stoplight during my commutes (I hammer pretty hard to get up to speed).

Ummm, yeah, I obviously need some help here.   I’ve got no idea what to do.  I am essentially starting from square one.  Luckily the sprint tri swim is only 350m, but I’ve still got to get up to that point.  I imagine myself spending most of my swims just trying to swim for a certain period of time (building up to longer times) without stopping.  I don’t have a pool membership where I can swim laps, but we do have a pool at our house where I have a swim tether and can swim for time (with no clue how far I’m actually going).  If anyone’s got suggestions, I’m more than open to hearing them!

So there it is!  Hopefully with something in writing, even though it’s relatively informal and loose, I’ll be able to stay on track a little better than I have in the past.  I need to work on my mental game too, particularly the confidence I have in my speed.



  1. Gina says:

    RE: Swimming – I dunno, a master’s class (even though it’s called that, they have groups for all ability levels) at the local Y? Private or semi-private lessions at a public pool?

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