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Happy National Bike To Work Day!


In honour of National Bike To Work Day, here’s a time-lapsed video of my 10-mile commute home (although I cut it short at the end – no point showing you exactly how to get to my house!)

My average moving speed on this ride was about 22mph, but you can see that I spent a decent amount of time stopped at lights (enough to drop my actual average down to 17mph – which is pretty normal).



  1. Gina says:

    That’s so cool! Helmet cam?

  2. Awesome! loved it. No bike lanes huh? I was wondering like Gina…if it was fixed to your helmet or your handlebars?

    • No bike lanes anywhere along my commute – DFW isn’t exactly the most cycling-friendly location in the country. The camera was mounted to my handlebars. I tried it mounted on my helmet, but my head moves too much to make for a decent video.

  3. I biked to work on Thursday —so much better than sitting in traffic! 🙂

    • I’ve always joked that if I had to drive to work every day in Dallas traffic, that I would be the person who one day reaches my tipping point, and I would leave my car stopped in the middle lane on the interstate and walk away. I don’t do well sitting in traffic!

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