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Random Thoughts


Random thoughts in bullet point form.  Just cause that’s what I feel like writing today.

  • I’m sitting at the airport in Jackson, MS, one of my least favorite airports that I work with.  Nothing against Jackson or Mississippi, but since I typically never leave the airports when I travel for work, my entire opinion of the city is based on their airport.  And Jackson has basically nothing for me to eat at their airport.  French fries and Coke, that’s what’s for dinner.   Anyone who thinks that vegan=healthy needs to travel with me.
  • I picked up a triathlon magazine before I left the Dallas airport this morning.  I’m saving it for the next flight that I have to ride on the flight attendant jumpseat.  I’m not allowed to sleep when I’m riding on the jumpseat (go figure?), but I am allowed to read.  I only get forced onto the jumpseat if the flight is completely full.  Last week I rode there from Fort Lauderdale to Austin, which is a long time to be sitting in that uncomfortable position.  Instead of sleeping, I had to hold a conversation with the flight attendant for most of the flight.  If you’ve ever met me in person, you know how much I suck at small talk.  Perhaps if I have my face in a magazine, I won’t be doing as much small talking.
  • Next week is ‘National Bike to Work Week.’  I’ve been thinking of doing a series of posts on my bike commuting – my gear, my route, logistics, etc.  Bike to Work Week seems like a logical time to actually get those posts out.  I bought a helmet camera a little while ago, so I may post a video of my commute (time-lapsed, of course).
  • My legs have been sore since Monday’s 12-mile run.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had soreness for this long afterwards.  I even busted out my foam roller last night – I don’t think I’ve used it since we moved to Texas.
  • Speaking of legs, now that I’ve signed up for my first triathlon my wife has informed me that she prefers that I don’t shave my legs.  I can probably live with that – I can wear shorts to work and I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be walking around the office with silky-smooth legs.

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