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Half-Marathon Training Weekly Recap


Three weeks until race day.

This week pretty much just sucked for me in terms of training/mileage.  Wish it was an intentional rest week, but it wasn’t.

-4 easy miles @ 7:36/mile
-30 minutes bike trainer

-4 miles @ 6:54/mile
-10 miles bike commute (one-way)

-3.5 easy miles @ 7:25/mile (in Orlando, FL)
-10 miles bike commute (one way)

-nothing but traveling

-4 miles @ 6:28/mile
-10 miles bike commute (one way)

-poor attempt at swimming

Biked 15 miles (middle 10 @ 20.9mph)

Totals: Run 15.5 miles, Bike 44.5 miles

This was one of those “life got in the way of training” weeks.  Tuesday evenings, for the next month+, we have foster care training sessions.  So, Tuesdays will be one-way bike commutes for a little while.  This past Wednesday/Thursday, I had some more intensive travel for work.  In under 36 hours, I flew from Dallas to Houston to Nashville ( for a quick meeting) to Orlando (for the night) to Key West (but got diverted to) Fort Lauderdale to Austin and then back to Dallas.  Thursday morning I had every intention of going for a run at the hotel, but when my alarm went off it was raining pretty hard, and the thought of running on the hotel treadmill was more than I could handle.  So I reset my alarm and went back to sleep.

Saturday, I hopped in the pool for another attempt at swimming.  Swimming might not be the appropriate word for what I do – maybe I should call it “floundering.”  It was pretty discouraging, not only because of my poor swimming, but also because when I put on my wetsuit, it instantly became obvious that I have put on a couple of pounds the past two weeks – not surprising given how poorly I’ve been eating.  I planned on going for a run after the swim, but I started feeling light-headed after I got out of the pool.  I imagine this was probably a side effect from the large amounts of tequila I had Friday night (we went with some friends to tailgate at a Jimmy Buffett concert – had no idea that people start partying 36 hours before the concert even starts!  It was an interesting experience!)  So instead of running, I just sat on the couch and felt bad about myself.  That was fun.

Today I went out for a short bike ride.  I can’t remember the last time I actually rode my bike without needing to get somewhere (ie. commuting).  There’s a side road nearby that I frequently see cyclists on, but I’ve never actually driven or been on it.  Turns out to be a great place to ride, although it does make for a short loop (1.5 miles round-trip).  It’s good a decent hill (for this part of Texas), and so it makes for a good workout.  Plus, there’s minimal traffic, and two lanes in each direction.  I think it might be my new go-to spot for a short workout on the bike.

With only three weeks to go until the half-marathon, I’ve realized that I need to temper my expectations.  My long runs haven’t been going so well, and I’m just not sure what kind of time I can pull off.  I’ll probably dedicate a separate post to my expectations closer to the race.

Screen shot 2013-05-05 at 7.50.11 AMIn happier news though, I signed up for my first triathlon!  It’s a sprint, and so I’ve got until August to learn how to swim 350 metres without having a panic attack in open water.  There is a local tri group that does open water swims real close to our house, and I can drop in for $10.  So, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that opportunity, but I will probably want to go to the lake and at least put my face in the water before I attempt an open water swim with strangers.  If I have a complete anxiety meltdown, I’d rather do it on my own first, rather than having that happen in front of a group.



  1. brittany says:

    Yay, excited you signed up for a tri! Yes, take advantage of the open water swims and I’m sure you’ll feel much more comfortable.

  2. Gina says:

    Those miles don’t look so bad to me!

    And, I don’t know how modest you’re being about swimming, but if you’re really struggling, this is what I used to teach myself to swim at least halfway normally before my first sprint tri:

    Your first tri = very exciting! Good luck! 😀

    • I’m not really being modest about my swimming. I have a small waterproof video camera, and I taped myself the other day. I can do better than a doggy-paddle, but my swimming definitely isn’t pretty. Thanks for pointing out that website – it looks like it has a lot of useful tips!

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