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Half-Marathon Training Weekly Recap


Four weeks until race day.

4 miles @ 6:39/mile
20 miles bike commute

9.5 miles @ 7:48/mile (run to work)
50 minutes on the bike trainer

30 minutes on the bike trainer

4 miles @ 6:21/mile
20 miles bike commute

4 miles @ 6:43/mile (progression – 7:24, 6:33, 5:41, 7:14)
20 miles bike commute
3.5 miles @ 8:09/mile (unplanned midnight run)

10 miles bike commute (one way to work/airport)

12 miles @ 7:43/mile

Totals: 37 miles running, 70 miles bike commuting, 80 minutes on the bike trainer

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 9.12.20 PMThis was somewhat of a rough week for me, particularly this weekend.  Saturday we needed to head up to Kansas City for a family event, and I flew up on an earlier flight than my wife in order to take care of a few things in KC.  Friday night, however, we pull into the garage and I heard a sizzle from the engine.  I popped the hood, and could see a small leak in the radiator.  Knowing that my wife needs to drive to the airport in the morning (I was biking in early), I went and picked up a new radiator at the auto parts store.  Around midnight I realized I needed a new hose clamp, and a butterfly bandage (one of my tools slipped and put a decent cut on my forehead – many profane words ensued).  Since the vehicle was still out of service though, I ended up running (literally) to the store to get what I needed (note: I hate that I actually shopped at that store – you know, the only place in town where you can get a hose clamp and a butterfly bandage at 1 o’clock in the morning – I pride myself on avoiding it like the plague but desperate times called for desperate measures).  I could have taken my bike, but I didn’t want to lock it up outside in the middle of the night, nor did I want to be riding on the road after midnight on a Friday night, so I just ran instead.  Shortly thereafter the vehicle was fixed, but I only had time to sleep for about 3 hours before I had to get up and ride my bike to the airport.  Good thing I’m a professional airplane sleeper!

As a bonus yesterday, my wife and I were actually on the same airplane back in to Dallas!  We both fly a decent amount, and we have crossed paths in the air (often heading opposite directions) more times than I care to count.  I think that this is only the second time since we moved to Dallas 16 months ago that we’ve actually been on the same plane.  It’s not like it was quality time together though, since I I still fell asleep quickly, but Natasha started laughing at me when I twitched so hard that I woke myself up.  At least I provided some inflight entertainment for her.


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