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Weekly Half-Marathon Training Recap


Five weeks to go until race day.

Nothing exciting to report, other than I bought a (super cheap) bike trainer off of eBay.  I rode it 15 minutes one day to try it out, and 30 minutes another day.  I’d be lieing (sp?) if I didn’t say that I was bored shitless.  I was watching hulu, which helped, but it was worse than the treadmill for me.  Not sure how you people do it for hours at a time!

I’ve got a bunch of posts floating around my head that I want to write (recap of my metabolic testing, new thoughts on ultras, and a major life change coming up in our house), but I’ve been short on time/motivation to sit down and write.  I’ve got a couple of short flights coming up for work, and maybe I can put the time on the airplane to good use.  Who am I kidding?  I’ll be sleeping on the plane like usual.  Anyways, until I get around to writing more, here’s a recap of last week.  My body was telling me to take it easy, so I cut back on mileage.

-4 easy miles (7:41/mile)
-15 minutes on bike trainer (test ride – first time on a trainer)

-4 miles (6:44/mile)
-20 miles bike commute

-5 miles (7:19/mile)
-20 miles bike commute

-4 miles (6:18/mile)

-5 miles (2 interval miles @ 5:56/mile, overall average 6:50/mile)
-10 miles bike commute (one way)


-30 minutes on the bike trainer (easy pace)

Totals: 22 miles running, 50 miles biking



  1. The trainer is super boring!! But like treadmills, the more you get used to it the better it gets. I like doing it with groups and lots of music best.

  2. Glad to see training is going well! (Also, I’m super envious of your ability to sleep on airplanes. I can’t do it.)

    • I wasn’t always able to sleep on planes, but now that I fly so frequently for work, I’ve trained myself to be able to catch up on some rest. I always try to sit near the back of the plane, because the engines are louder and it drowns out peoples voices. I put in ear plugs too, and I’m often out cold before the wheels leave the ground. I almost always miss out on the free drinks, but it’s worth it!

  3. I have to have a set work-out to be on the trainer. I can not get on it, just to ride because that is super boring!! If I were you I would get some Spinervals or some of the Chris Carmichael videos that should keep your attention. 🙂

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