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Weekly Half-Marathon Training Recap


Six weeks to go until race day.

-4 easy miles (8:11/mile)

-4.05 easy miles (7:35/mile)
-20 miles bike commute

-1.67 miles (6:54/mile) shortest run in years

-20 miles bike commute

-Running metabolic test (maybe 3 miles total)
-4 miles (6:50/mile)
-23+ miles bike commute


-13.1 miles (7:45/mile)

Totals: 29.22 miles running, 63.85 miles biking

Metabolic testing, trying not to die!

Metabolic testing, trying not to die!

Not the best week for bike commuting or running, but I did what I could.  Wednesday’s run was cut short by the weather, and Thursday I was traveling out of town.  Friday morning I had a metabolic test at a local triathlon shop.  I’ll write more on that when I get the results back, probably more than you’ll want to read.  Today’s long run also wasn’t what I had hoped for.  I had every intention of getting in 15 miles at a relaxed pace, but after 10 miles I thought I was going to sh*t myself.  I managed another 3 miles with butt cheeks clenched, but I knew I wouldn’t make it another 2 (miles, that is, as there was obviously a different number 2 on my mind at the time).  I don’t have that problem very often at all, but sh*t happens, eh?


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  1. Sh*t! I hate when that happens! It doesn’t happen to me very often but when it does… It totally sucks!!!

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