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Weekly Half-Marathon Training Recap


Seven weeks to go until race day.

This was a really crazy work week for me, which definitely cut into my running.  Tuesday through Friday, I found myself in Midland, Austin, Lubbock, and Little Rock.  I shouldn’t really complain though, since with the exception of one of those days I was home for dinner every day this week (just had quick meetings in each of those airports).  Even though I’m a professional airplane sleeper – I’m usually out cold before the wheels are off the ground – traveling still exhausts me.  This week was no exception.  Plus when I’m out of the office, I don’t have the opportunity to get in my usual lunch break runs and so my weekly mileage takes a hit.

4.15 miles, 3 @ 6:13/mile (6:36 avg pace for entire run)
20 miles bike commute

4 miles @ 6:48/mile
10 miles bike commute (one way)

10 miles bike commute (one way)

7 miles, 5 of which were part of a 30 minute lactate threshold test
20 miles bike commute

20 miles bike commute


12 miles, 6:56/mile avg pace

Totals: 26.15 miles running, 80 miles bike commuting

I may write more about Thursday’s run at a later point.  Basically, I wanted to try out one of the “free” methods for determining my lactate threshold heart rate.  The method I chose was to run a 30 minute time trial, and your average heart rate during the last 20 minutes is your lactate threshold heart rate.  This coming Friday, I’m going in for some nerdy VO2 max and metabolic testing.  The lab test will also give me an approximation of my lactate threshold, and I wanted to be able to compare the lab results to the time trial test to see how close they compare.  I’ll let you know!

Green Bean (the black dog) trying to clean me off, and Monkey (the brown dog) bringing me a toy to play with.  Just what I needed!

Green Bean (the black dog) trying to clean me off, and Monkey (the brown dog) bringing me a toy to play with. Just what I needed!

During today’s 12-miler, I realized how much of my endurance I’ve lost.  As the miles progressed, I had to work substantially harder to maintain pace (more than I used to have to).  I threw in a “faster” mile for mile 9, and it really took a lot out of me!  When I got home, I was so tired that I just laid down in our back yard with the dogs.  With three 70+ pound dogs in the house, It’s never a good idea to lay down anywhere other than the bed or the couch.  But I was tired and just wanted to crash for a few minutes.  Two of the three dogs decided to keep me company.

After a short rest, I started taking them for their evening walk.  Taking all three at once is a little much when I’m by myself, so I take the first two (the calmer ones) and then come back and switch out and take the crazy one (Green Bean, the lab).  So I switch them out, and am walking out the door with Green Bean, and this lady starts talking to me.  To make a long story short, she was accusing me of stealing her dog (Horton, the one not pictured above).  When she finally told me that hers was a female, I went back inside and got the dog that she thought I had stolen so that she could see HIS penis.  She quickly realized it wasn’t her dog.  I wasn’t incredibly impressed with that little ordeal!

Finally, I’ll leave you with a photo of a couple of things I picked up this week.  It’s a blatantly obvious hint of things to come!


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