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Half Marathon Training Weekly Recap

Another low mileage week for me.  Had lots of good intentions for getting in a long run yesterday, but I took a nap instead.  That’s almost as productive, right?  Eight weeks until the race, so I feel like I can still get things together.  Hopefully my motivation returns this week.

-5 miles @ 6:59/mile
-20 miles bike commute

-5 miles, 4 @ 6:07/mile
-20 miles bike commuting

-4 miles @ 7:42/mile
-20 miles bike commuting

-4 miles @ 8:01/mile
-10 miles bike commuting (one-way)




Totals: 18 miles running, 70 miles bike commuting


1 Comment

  1. Jill says:

    I always say all running pays off when we nap and the body is getting it’s rest. Sounds good anyway :). Solid week….you still have lots of time!

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