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Not The Best Week

Not good when you see a sign like this on the locker room door.

Not good when you see a sign like this on the locker room door.

Just one of those weeks, I guess (and this will be a random post, with mostly whining and complaining).

Monday didn’t start out great, and the week didn’t seem to improve much.  When I got to work Tuesday morning, the locker room was temporarily out of commission for a sewage issue (I could smell it from 200′ down the hall).  No shower for me that morning, and no deoderant either (since I keep it in my locker, and not in my desk).  At least the problem was fixed by lunchtime, so I was able to go for my usual run and then take a shower.

I’ve felt sluggish for most of this week.  Pretty sure I’m just behind on sleep – had a couple of early mornings and not enough early evenings.  Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up tomorrow since the office is closed.

I had been feeling good about my running lately, even with the lackluster week I had last week.  My paces have been dropping like crazy (in a good way), but my last two runs have been shitty.  Just didn’t have the energy to push myself, so I just, well, jogged.  Four miles today at 8:01/mile.  At least my heart rate stayed low on these runs, so I can just call them “recovery runs” and try not to mope too much.  I know I shouldn’t complain, but I’ve been getting used to seeing paces that start with a 6.

I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to sign up for a fall marathon.  Maybe I should be more specific – I’m thinking of signing up for the Kansas City Marathon.  I’ve only run two marathons, both times it was Kansas City, and it’s been three years since my last attempt (which didn’t end up as well as planned).  Up until this week, I’ve felt confident in my running.  I don’t want to sign up if I can’t slaughter my current PR – I already have a goal time in mind, and it’s going to be tough to change that mental time.  Registration fees go up April 1st, so I’m hoping to decide before then.



  1. Jill says:

    Of course, the first thing I did was Google KC Marathon to see when it is and if I could do it :). Would be so cool to meet up with you. Eh, I can’t think past Leadville…and then I have Pikes Peak Marathon so probably will still be in recovery mode by October! Maybe December…I was thinking Dallas Marathon – I’ve run it 4x now and it’s one of my favies. I dunno. Anyhoo, I hope your running fast legs return quickly (seriously, 6s with a low HR? I’m super impressed! I had a tempo run at 7:55 today and couldn’t even finish it. So lame!).

    • I’m thinking of using the Dallas marathon as a fall back if I fail at the KC Marathon. I reworded the part of my post about the low HR, since I realized that it didn’t quite make sense – I wasn’t running in the 6s with a low HR, I was running slower than that but was running with a super low (for me) HR. Let me know if you plan on coming to the Dallas Marathon though!

  2. You should definitely sign up for it! I’m sure your runs are just a bit slower from a lack of sleep. and, sometimes our bodies just need to slow down!

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