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Half-Marathon Training Weekly Recap


Nine weeks until race day.  I really need to start thinking about a specific race pace to train for.  I’ve got an idea in my head, but I don’t want to sell myself short if I’m capable of a faster time.  It’s been three years since I’ve raced a half-marathon, and so I really have no idea what to shoot for.  These “short” distances are so much more difficult for me to plan for than an ultramarathon.

-3 easy miles with one of the dogs (8:47/mile)
-Bike commuted one way (10 miles)

-20 miles bike commuting

-Tempo run – 5 miles total, 4 miles @ 6:11/mile
-20 miles bike commuting

-20 miles bike commuting

-4 miles, with 4x400m random intervals (1:26, 1:19, 1:18, 1:11)
-Bike commuted one way (10 miles)

-Drank too much Crown Royal and ate way too many calories

-Thinking about a long run was as far as I got.

Totals: 12 whopping miles running, 80 miles bike commuting

Definitely a lower mileage week for me.  I had to make two out of town day trips for work, which cuts out my ability to get in my usual lunchtime run.  I had every intention of running long today, but it just wasn’t the best timing.  Woke up early, and had to deal with a work issue (I’m technically on call 24/7, but this is only the third time in over a year that I’ve had to deal with anything on a weekend).  Ended up napping twice during the day, and just didn’t have much energy.  It’s much easier to not beat myself up over missing the long run, when the intentions were only in my head and not written down in a formal training plan.

This week will be better.  Hopefully.


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