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Jurek Burgers

Cooking up the burgers!

Cooking up the burgers!

It’s officially grilling season here in Texas! (or barbecue season for my Canadian readers) Not that the season ever actually ends down here, but when it’s 80F/27C outside, it’s hard to not fire up the grill.

Earlier this year, my wife bought me Scott Jurek’s book, Eat and Run.  I am probably the last vegan ultramarathoner to read the book (in fact, I still haven’t actually finished it!)   Woven in with his story are various recipes, one of which is for his Lentil-Mushroom burgers.  We’ve tried a bunch of homemade burger recipes in the past, but none of them have really been that great.  These however, have become a repeat recipe in our house.  It’s too much to call them Lentil-mushroom burgers though, so we just affectionately call them Jurek Burgers.

The recipe was posted in Runner’s World, Outside Magazine, and his own website (here).  So, if you’re looking for something different to try, these are definitely worth the effort.  We’ll usually make up extra, and I’ve been known to eat them cold right out of the fridge (although they are better fresh off the grill).

Not the most styled food photo ever, but it's true to life!

Didn’t think about taking a photo until after the ketchup, relish, and mustarf were carelessly thrown on.
So, not the most well-styled photo, but it is true to life!



  1. I love that book! I haven’t tried any of the recipes from it though. These look fantastic!

  2. Neither my husband or I have read the book yet either! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I’ve only ever liked one vegan homemade burger, so it would be nice to change it up!

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