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Half-Marathon Training: Week 2 Recap


Ok, so I’m a little early with the recap this week, but I won’t be doing any more training today or tomorrow.  Instead, I’m laying on the couch, feeling like shit.  I took most of my runs easy this week, with the exception of some intervals, since I was battling something (probably just a cold) all week.  Last night it finally caught up and took over.  So, I’m taking the weekend off, and doing nothing.

-4 easy miles @ 7:45/mile
-20 miles bike commute

-20 miles bike commute

-4 easy miles @ 7:58/mile

-5 miles total, intervals: 3x1600m w/800m jogs (5:50, 5:49, 5:45)

-4 easy miles @ 8:22/mile
-20 miles bike commute

Running: 17 miles
Cycling: 60 miles


1 Comment

  1. tlsylvan says:

    Nice job! Sorry that you’re sick, but you’ll kill that half training once you’re back at it.

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