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How Do You Track Your Miles?


I’mDailymile somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’ve been using DailyMile to keep track of all of my miles.  Although it’s easy to use and it’s free,  it is absolutely terrible when it comes to looking back at historical performances other than a broad “this is how many miles I’ve run in the past 16 weeks.”

I almost always run with my Garmin, but I almost never bike with it.  I use a regular old Timex watch on my bike commute.  Breaking my commute into fourths, I know exactly what time I need to be at a specific intersection in order to make it to catch the train on time.  When I get to the train in the morning, or home in the evening, I quickly type in the commute time (and I know the distance) using the DailyMile app on my phone.  I enter my runs into DailyMile, but since they’re generally recorded on my Garmin, I also upload them to Garmin Connect.   Garmin Connect, however, is a pain in the ass to manually input workouts, so it will never be a one-stop-shop for me.  I just use it to store my GPS data, even though I don’t routinely go back and look through it.

I’m looking for a program to use other than DailyMile though.  I want something with a little bit more power when it comes to looking back at historical workouts.  I’ve been playing around with TrainingPeaks, and I think it will fit what I’m looking for.  Most importantly, it’s free and it has an app for my Android phone.  I know I can sync my Garmin workouts to TrainingPeaks (as I could with DailyMile also), but really I’m just looking for something that I can enter in basic data (distance, time, etc.)

What do you use to track your miles?  Any thoughts on TrainingPeaks before I make the leap?



  1. msmidt says:

    I have a Timex GPS watch that syncs with Training Peaks. I use the free version, but I think it is pretty limited. I actually have written a spreadsheet that I keep on the Numbers app on my iPad that I like the best.

    • I’m not sure I want to go to a spreadsheet, since I like to be able to access it anywhere. Although I ldo ike the idea of being able to fully customize the numbers I’m looking for. The paid version of TrainingPeaks does look a lot more robust, but at this point I don’t feel like its worth the upgrade to me.

  2. tlsylvan says:

    Would the free Nike+ app work for you? I have used that before when my Garmin dies, and I love it! It syncs to DailyMile too if you want to combine all of your workouts.

    • I’ve previously used the Nike+ website, but it has been at least two years or so. I have an app on my phone to track distances if I choose, but I’m really looking for more of a log book. Do you know if the newer Nike+ allows you to enter workouts manually, or do they need to be tracked with their app?

      • tlsylvan says:

        Ah, yea you can’t enter anything manually yet, which is a big downside. I agree with you too that Garmin Connect is a bear to enter workouts manually. I dread it.

  3. I’d like to see what you think of Training Peaks – I have it downloaded (the free version) but it seems that I have to manually upload data, whereas GarminConnect just uploads the data from my device automatically. I found that annoying so I haven’t really used it yet.

    • So far, I’m liking TrainingPeaks, but I am really only using the most basic of features (I’m using their free online version). I really am using it just as a way to keep track of total mileage/time biking & running. I like their Android app, which allows me to easily enter in my bike miles manually (since I usually don’t ride with my Garmin).

      I haven’t sync’d my Garmin with TrainingPeaks yet – I’ve only entered data manually. I still upload to Garmin Connect, and use that for all of my GPS data. Ever since getting a new Garmin that has the Ant+, I love that I just walk into the room and it automatically uploads my data to Garmin Connect. I haven’t found a way to automatically upload to TrainingPeaks, but I haven’t looked that hard either. If I could sync the Garmin automatically, I might be convinced to get rid of my Garmin Connect account and only use TrainingPeaks.

      • Same here – I really like the automatic Garmin Connect upload. I’m a bit lazy to do the Training Peaks automatic uploads, but they have nicer analysis. I think when I looked at it, it seemed like the paid version of Training Peaks does automatic uploads, but I haven’t been willing to pay yet!

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