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Half-Marathon Training: Week 1 Recap


As of today, I’ve got 14 weeks until the Patriot Half Marathon.  I know, that’s an insanely long time for a half-marathon training plan, but I would like to slaughter my old PR.  Plus it’s the only race I have on the calendar right now, so it gives me something to fixate upon.

Here’s how the first week of training went:

-4 miles @ 6:41/mile (lunch break)
-20 miles bike commute (10 each way)

-3 easy miles with Green Bean (one of our dogs)

-4 miles @ 7:48/mile (lunch break)
-20 miles bike commute

-6 miles, with 4 @ 6:46 (supposed to be a tempo run)

-5 miles, with 4 @ 6:22 (redo tempo run)
-10 miles bike commute (my wife picked me up at the end of the day)

-2 easy miles with Green Bean

-10 miles, 6:47/mile average

Running: 34 miles
Cycling: 50 miles

Not the best week for bike commuting, but it was just easier for me to drive a couple of days because of evening plans.  I don’t get home that much later on the bike, but I do need to shower and clean up after, so it does add up.  I know I’m driving tomorrow, but hopefully that’ll be the only day and I’ll get up to 80 miles.  So far in 2013, I’ve only hit 100 commuting miles in one week.

I’m definitely going to be altering the half-marathon training plan I have.  The paces it lists seem too slow for where I’m at, hence why I did a redo tempo run on Friday. Thursday’s run just didn’t push me enough.

Today I went out for 10 miles.  The plan called for 10 miles @ 8:03/mile.  I, however, wanted to get a better idea of where my fitness is at for a longer run.  First mile was 7:21, then everything else was in the 6’s, with the final mile being 6:19.  I was definitely feeling the lung burn near the end, but it’s been awhile since I’ve had that and I’d forgotten how ironically good it feels.



  1. Jill says:

    Do you ever run with a HRM? I always find it better to start out with HR zones rather than paces.
    The half sounds like a great switch for now from the ultras.

  2. This is inspiring – your mile times are insane for me. (I was excited to be at 11 this weekend after virtually starting at square one again.) What’s your half PR?

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