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Travel & Running Don’t Mix


At least I can read about running when I travel

At least they don’t mix well for me.  I travel a decent amount for work, which is to be expected since I work for an airline. The vast majority of my trips are short day trips, and I’m home in time for dinner.  Today, Kansas City.  Tomorrow, Birmingham Alabama.  Friday, Oklahoma City.  These day trips are great, but it eliminates my typical lunch break runs.  Sure, those runs are usually only four or five miles, but it’s a nice release in the middle of the day, and it really is the most consistent running mileage that I log.

My job has forced me to become somewhat of a professional traveler. I’ve become incredibly proficient at sleeping on planes, and am frequently asleep before the plane ever leaves the ground. I’m also really good at getting through security quickly. Today, less than 60 seconds from ID check to walking towards my gate. Here’s a few tips to speed things up:

-ALWAYS put your shoes on the belt before your bag/suitcase. You can put your shoes on while waiting for your bag, but there is nothing you can do with your bag while you’re waiting for your shoes on the other end.
-Take off your belt while your standing in line to have your ID checked. Most of us can walk 20 feet without our belts. Stuff it in your bag before you hit the xray machine. I put mine back on while I’m walking way from security.
-If you have liquids, make sure they’re at the top of your bag (or better yet, an outside pocket).
-If you travel with a laptop, invest in a TSA-approved bag where you don’t have to remove the laptop. My wife bought me one, and I kind of scoffed at the idea. Then I realized how much time it saves.

Happy travels!


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