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How I Spent My Saturday (ie. not racing)


In case you missed my last post, I didn’t run Rocky Raccoon 100. This post has absolutely nothing to do with running.  I’ll likely write my thoughts on missing the race at some point, but not today.

On Friday, we were having some foundation work done on the house (foundations shift and move a lot in this part of Texas because of the clay soil – you’d be hard pressed to find a house that hasn’t had foundation work done at some point, or so it seems). I was about 90 minutes into my drive to the race when my wife called me to let me know that they were having some issues at the house. I turned around, and came home.   It initially sounded like the company was pulling a bait & switch halfway through the job.  Instead of only putting piers on the outside of the house, they were now saying we needed to put some piers inside too.  To make a long story short, my wife talked them down in price (quite a bit!) and we ended up getting them to do the interior work.  I knew from talking to a structural engineer that the (optional) interior piers would help quite a bit, but we really didn’t want to cut through our wood floors.

Two holes in this room, three holes in other rooms.

Two holes in this room, three holes in other rooms.

My wife and I put in about 1200 square feet of handscraped bamboo flooring less than a year ago.  It was a royal pain, because we had to install a subfloor first in order to be able to nail the bamboo down.  Instead of letting the foundation company cut a perfect square through our floor, I opted to remove the boards myself so that I could reinstall those sections and make it look seemless.  So, instead of picking up my race bib Friday night, I got out the saw and went to work at home.  I won’t lie, putting a saw to the floor was a painful experience!

Saturday morning the crew came back, and turned our dining room into a disaster area.  I hadn’t removed enough boards, so my wife took this photo of me frantically trying to remove a couple more before they continued jackhammering away at the concrete slab.

It got worse before it got better, I just stopped taking photos.

Things got a lot worse before they got better

My wife was having company in from out of town this weekend, and one of the holes in the floor needed to be in the guest bedroom.  Ooops!  So my wife was gone for most of the day with them.  I ended up spending my day in the backyard with the dogs.  I needed to stay busy so that I wouldn’t think about the race too much, so I actually had a pretty productive day.  Cleaned out the garage, trimmed a whole bunch of bushes/trees, scrubbed the swimming pool, cleaned out some gutters.  At about 7:30 at night, the crew finished up and I could have the house back.  I’ll need to repair the wood floor at some point, but not this weekend.  I’m dreading it, since I know it’ll be a pain in the ass to get the boards to squeeze back into place.  Oh well.  At least I got more sleep this weekend than I would have if I was racing.



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