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Rocky Raccoon 100: Five Day Countdown


Five days to go. Here are today’s random thoughts:

-I think it’s only now starting to set in that I am actually attempting to run 100 miles again. Only this time, the course is much more ‘runnable’ and I want to actually be running more.

-I’m worried that the finish will be anti-climatic. At the Lost Soul, my wife was waiting for me at the finish line, along with all of my immediate family (including a lot of young nieces & nephews). This time, I’ll cross the finish line, collect my belt buckle, get in the car and drive home. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I do want to see my friend Indi cross the finish line of her first 100 (and I’ll probably need to sleep for awhile before I attempt to drive home).

-I started packing food for the race. So far I’ve got dried mangos, dried bananas, licorice, and oreo’s paritioned out into ziploc bags, 200 calories per bag. I’ll also take some granola bars and as many liquid calories as I can think of.

-Liquid calories are my friend. I practically lived on liquid for the last 30+ miles of the Lost Soul. Silk Chocolate Soy Milk has never tasted so good.

-I’m worried that the Rocky Raccoon will be a greater mental challenge for me than the Lost Soul. I had a great pacer for the last 25+ miles there, and will be solo this time around. John kept me from going insane, although I’m sure he got sick of me repeatedly saying “I think this is the last hill in this section” only to hit the top and realize that there were 8 more to go.

-I’m going to wear the same sleeveless shirt as I did during the Lost Soul. It got so dirty and nasty during that race, and I can’t believe I kept it. But, since I still have it in the closet, I figure I might as well get one more good use out of it and then pitch it in the trash.

At the finish line of the Lost Soul Ultra 100-mile race.  Exhausted, but feeling alive.

At the finish line of the Lost Soul Ultra 100-mile race. Exhausted, but feeling alive.



  1. Indi says:

    You are going to be awesome!! Our crew will be there to see you finish 🙂 And trust me I’ll be way behind you so please go sleep!!! See you in a few days!

  2. Wow, wow, wow- only five days left! I think it’ll be cool to run totally on your own. It may not be easier, but it will definitely be an even bigger test.
    Good luck, and good luck to Indi, too!

  3. Jill says:

    I’m sooo excited for your little race! I think because of the size of Rocky that there will be so many people around you and there will be a lot more distraction to keep your pain at bay. Well, relatively at bay :). I think you’ll find other souls out there you can hang with, too, and maybe you can form sort of a ‘pace group’ situation to all keep you mentally strong. I’ve heard Rocky is a lot like that! Good luck to you and remember to have an absolute blast!!! Will be thinking of you out there this weekend!

  4. Very excited for you!! Will be thinking about you…

  5. happytrigirl says:

    YOU will be awesome!! GET after those 100 miles. My road ID says … “run the mile you are in” … meaning don’t think of what is ahead – think of the moment, that mile and make the most of it! I will be cheering you on and can’t wait for the recap!!

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