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12 Days Until My 100 Mile Ultramarathon


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis race is coming up faster than I realize.  It’s been in the back of my mind for months, but now it’s staring me down.  I’ve been struggling to put into words how I feel about the Rocky Raccoon 100 coming up so quickly.


I’ve slowly been starting a pile of stuff that I need to remember to take with me to the race.  One of the things that I added was a gift that my friend Bill gave me after my first 100 miler.  Bill is a veteran ultra runner, and an all-around great guy.  He hand carved into this piece of stone a small runner figure, “100M”, and on the back it has the name of the race and the date.  I plan on wearing it during this race as a reminder that I’ve covered the distance before, and that there’s no reason why I can’t do it again.

Bill and I running together during part of the Lost Soul Ultra (September, 2011)

Bill and I running together during part of the Lost Soul Ultra (September, 2011)



  1. Whoa man, that’s crazy. Good for you, though! I’m going to have to go back into your archives to read about the last one!

  2. Also, thank you for adding me to your follow list on the side 🙂

  3. Good luck on the 100 miler. I ran my first 50k last year. Plan on running another one…at some point. Concentrating on shorter, but technically difficult races and those with more climbing. I will definitely be checking back to see how things go. All the best.

  4. Oh snap…and I just looked at your blog header and saw you are a vegan! Jesh, how did I miss that one. Even freakin better.

  5. tlsylvan says:

    Good luck on your 100! I absolutely love that gift, I would probably never take it off because it was handmade and because of what it stands for.

  6. Wow- that came up quickly! I wasn’t sure if you had decided to run it. Enjoy- it may be your last one for a while!

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