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Displaying Race Medals?


I recently saw a facebook post from a friend asking how other runners display their race medals.  He included a photo of his current “display” – essentially medals wrapped around trophies sitting by his TV.

The 30lb rock from my first 100 mile ultra.  Much cooler than a race medal or belt buckle, in my opinion.

The 30lb rock from my first 100 mile ultra. Much cooler than a race medal or belt buckle, in my opinion.

It got me thinking: do most runners display their medals?  I’m not a prolific racer, and so my medal collection is somewhat limited.  But as soon as I get home from a race, the medal goes straight into a box. The only race paraphanalia that I have out in the open is the finishers rock that I got from my first 100 mile ultra.  The thing literally weighs 30lbs (it was a joy to carry on the flight back from Canada), and is personalized with my name and finishing time.  It makes an excellent door stop.

Am I weird for not displaying my medals?  What do you do with yours?



  1. trueindigo says:

    I think everyone should do their own thing with the medals and in a box is just fine. I have mine hanging from a wire clothing hanger above my bed like a dream catcher. No one goes in my bedroom to see them but they look neat with some catching nice light from the window.

  2. thatpinkgirl says:

    Well, everyone is indeed different. I know so many who claim to race “for the bling” and display theirs proudly out in the open. Others, display them in a more private space, as a personal reminder of their accomplishments. Me? I have all mine on a hat hook in my home office, behind the door.
    But if I had a 30lb rock? It’d be on my coffee table, ha ha! That’s an AWESOME trophy! (Yeah, trophies are all in a closet)

  3. chasingthekenyans says:

    I have some hanging on the popular metal display thingies but most medals / awards are in the closet. The ones hanging up are in the “office” room so it’s not like they’re on display for guests.

  4. Jill says:

    I hang them on my closet doorknob for year then put them away in a box a year’s end. I’ve been racing for eternity and I just have a crap load of them.

    I just read about your hypothermia – omg. I am so sorry. Maybe some shorter distances for awhile will give you more clues as to what your body needs for ultras. I hope Rocky works out though, but if not, they’ll always be there waiting! 🙂

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